Criss-Cross Neckline Bridesmaid Dresses

The modern sexy, criss-cross bridesmaid dresses are designed to show an extra bit of skin. The criss-cross bridesmaid dress consists of straps that cross over each other at the front and/or back of the garment. Criss-cross bridesmaid dresses can be simple or seductive. The style can be made to be both more and less revealing, depending on the bridesmaids preference as well as the theme of the wedding. [Continue reading..]

Bridesmaid Dress Style 1405

Style 1405

Criss-Cross Bridesmaid Dress Styles

The criss-cross neckline bridesmaid dress is a unique style and often seen in a dress with a V neck. Sometimes a V neck dress is designed with multiple criss-crosses made with thin straps that can be adjusted for a tight fit. This style of criss-cross looks like a shoestring strap that is tied upward and often referred to as a lace up dress.

If you want a more daring look, there is also a V neck dress with a single criss-cross detail at the upper part of the V or at the center. A criss-cross neckline can also recreate high neckline by using a wide strap of fabric that crosses over at the front of the dress while going through the back of the neck. This style is also known as a criss-cross halter.

The criss-cross bodice on the other hand, looks simple but wears very classy. The seams on this style are cut as an hourglass figure for an elegant look. If you are feeling a little naughty there is also a criss-cross bodice with cutouts that exposes either the midriff, the waist, or sometimes both.

Additionally, the criss-cross back is the most popular criss-cross bridesmaid dress style. While the style can show off your sexy back, it does so without making you feel vulnerable and overexposed. Similar to other criss-cross designs, the criss-cross back has different styles as well. Wide straps of fabric can be used to create a classic criss-cross back style. While thin embellished straps can be used for a single criss-cross back style that adds just the right amount of sparkle to your dress. The criss-cross back can also be made in multiples and laced like the back of a corset.

Some of the most notable criss-cross dresses were worn at the red carpet award shows by world famous celebrities. At the 2014 American Music Awards, singer Jennifer Lopez flaunted her sexy abs in a light pink dress with a criss-cross detailed bodice and a criss-cross halter neckline. During the 2015 American Music Awards (AMA), Lopez once again showed her toned abs by wearing a light blue dress with a criss-cross pattern of straps across her bosom.

The 2015 AMA best dress award goes to model Gigi Hadid for her white two piece dress consisting of a high waist maxi skirt with a high side slit that shows off her long, toned legs. The sleeveless top of her dress featured a high neck with cutouts on the sides and criss-cross pattern in the front which showed off her decolletage.

At the 55th Annual Grammy Awards, singer Rihanna was hailed as one of the best dressed celebrities while wearing a long red dress with sheer panels and criss-cross wrap detail at the bodice that crosses over at the back.

Different styles of criss-cross dresses typically work on different body types. The criss-cross neckline works better on an hourglass figure and broad shoulders, while the criss-cross bodice is ideal for petite and lean body types. The criss-cross back generally works on every body type especially those ladies with a toned back.

From plunging necklines to open back styles, the criss-cross bridesmaid dress adds a sexy twist to bridesmaid wear.

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