Wide Strap Neckline Bridesmaid Dresses

The wide strap bridesmaid dress is a special type of neckline style which looks deceivingly delicate due to the multi layering effect of the dress.

A wide strap bridesmaid dress can create a look that is modest despite a fitting bodice. It effectively brings out a sense of elegant formality. The wide strap bridesmaid dress is a great pick for a church wedding since it still provides enough coverage through the use of straps without being completely bare. If you favor your collarbone, neck and shoulders, then this is the perfect neckline style to show off those assets. [Continue reading..]

Bridesmaid Dress Style 1276

Style 1276

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Style 1278

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Style 1218

Wide strap bridesmaid dresses are in high demand in today’s weddings. The wide strap neckline style offers a sexy look for the bridesmaid and is available in various types. Bridesmaid dresses with wide straps are best suited for most wedding ceremonies, and are also used in many types of social or official functions.

Wide Strap Bridesmaid Dress History

The wide strap bridesmaid dress originated from ancient Egypt. In its early versions, this dress had two wide shoulder straps and a skirt that fell just below the bust. Most of the gowns were the classic white or cream of linen, but one notable gown was a bright coral, a popular color in ancient Egyptian jewelry. On the tomb canvas that was discovered many years ago, Queen Nefertari and other ancient Egyptian goddesses habitually wore clothing with wide jeweled straps which were popular for both men and women during that time period and for many years to come.

The wide strap bridesmaid dress has one basic purpose which is to draw attention to the upper parts of the body. So for those bridesmaids that are self-conscious of their hips as being either too full or too small, the wide strap neckline style can help draw attention to your chest and arms and away from your hips. The wide strap neckline style is quite secure so there is no need for you to worry about the dress sliding down. The wide straps are infinitely more comfortable, and also provide a very flattering look to the bridesmaid dress. Alternatively, choosing bridesmaid dress with full sleeves will only cause discomfort especially on a hot sunny day if the venue for the wedding is held outdoors.

Tips on Wearing a Wide Strap Bridesmaid Dress

A wide strap bridesmaid dress is excellent wedding attire which can easily be paired with several varieties of high heels. Furthermore, the wide strap bridesmaid dress can also be worn with strap style sandals for a beach wedding. Wedding day hair can be accomplished with a high updo, or a similar style with a lot of volume at the crown. Additionally, a high bun is ideal for this style of neckline.

Bridesmaid dresses with wide straps look even more attractive with luxurious, tasteful accessories. If your dress is a simple style, you can choose bolder accessories, but if your dress is flashy, choose accessories that are more subdued. One of the biggest advantages in selecting a wide strap bridesmaid dress is that it suits almost all body shapes and favors most skin tones.

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