Bloussant Silhouette Bridesmaid Dresses

The bloussant bridesmaid dress accomplishes a graceful look without over hugging the body. A bloussant dress is a graceful dress that gathers at the waist with a fitted waistband and then flares out. The style of this dress creates a blousing effect with the excess fabric. Bloussant is a popular silhouette in Europe, the Middle East and among designers with vintage style collections.

Bridesmaids who have extra weight around their midsection, have a hard time finding a dress that will help in covering up some of their midsection. The bloussant bridesmaid dress is a silhouette and an ideal choice while looking flattering as well as hiding your problem area. [Continue reading..]

Bridesmaid Dress Style 1266

Style 1266

Many of the bridesmaid dresses today have a fitted bodice which makes the bloussant bridesmaid dress a perfect choice for a woman with a large figure. Bloussant bridesmaid dresses can do wonders and conceal trouble areas of your body. Additionally, you can even eat whatever you want while wearing a bloussant dress, which makes it very comfortable to wear since this silhouette is not restrictive to your stomach area.

If you have an athletic figure, also called rectangle or banana body shape, a bloussant bridesmaid dresses will also look great on you. To achieve a slender look, you can use the slim plus volume concept. This silhouette would blouse out and cover your straight waist and then fall on your slim hips creating volume at the upper part of your body and adding length to your appearance.

Choose a bloussant dress with a skirt that will fit close to your lower body. Instead of cleavage, show off your beautiful shoulders with a sleeved bloussant bridesmaid dresses. Bright and light colors also help in creating volume to an otherwise straight body.

Bloussant bridesmaid dress also work on pear shaped bodies whose hip measurement are greater than their bust. Because the lower half of your body is slightly larger, you need to give yourself a more proportional appearance by building up the upper half of your body. You can achieve this by giving volume between the upper and lower half of your body, therefore creating a visual balance. Choose a bloussant dress with a fitted waistband that sits at your natural waist with a plunging neckline. This will elongate your upper body and draws attention upward.

Bloussant bridesmaid dresses may not be a very great choice for a woman with an hourglass figure as this silhouette will not be able to emphasize a small waist. However, if you have an hourglass shaped body and want a loose fitting dress, you can opt for a bloussant bridesmaid dress with a V-neckline to accentuate the upper part of your body. Another way to soften or downplay your curves is to pick a bloussant bridesmaid dress with a square neckline.

Choose soft fabrics like chiffon to follow your body's natural curves and give you a slimmer appearance. Try to avoid this silhouette if you are flat chested because you would appear to have no chest at all beneath this billowy material.

Unlike other fitted bridesmaid dresses, a bloussant bridesmaid dress looks good on almost all body shapes and sizes.

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