Asymmetrical Shoulder Strap Neckline Bridesmaid Dresses

The asymmetrical shoulder strap bridesmaid dress is another well liked dress that is stylishly appealing in formal weddings. Bridesmaids who are meek and modest would take fancy to this kind of style as it only allows a minimal exposure of the neck and shoulders.

The asymmetrical shoulder strap is a single strap style that covers either the left or right shoulder leaving one the shoulders bare. As the name suggests, this style highlights the idea of asymmetry or irregularity which gives the dress its unique look. [Continue reading..]

Bridesmaid Dress Style 1112

Style 1112

Asymmetrical Shoulder Strap History

Also known as the one shoulder strap, this style dates back to the ancient Rome where men and women alike put on draped shoulder style togas for their comfortable nature. Throughout history, women from India and Eastern Native Americans preferred this design as it was easy to make and wear.

During the 1950’s, the asymmetrical shoulder strap or one shoulder strap dresses became popular fashion among many personalities and debutantes. The style experienced a rise in demand in the 1970’s as part of the disco culture.

Asymmetrical Shoulder Strap Bridesmaid Dress Style

Adding the right style elements to your asymmetrical shoulder strap bridesmaid dress can create a new level of sophistication. There are many ways to style this bridesmaid dress, but the first thing to remember is to let it play your strengths. The nature of the asymmetrical shoulder strap dress is great for drawing attention to a bridesmaid’s neck and exposed shoulder.

The next thing you need to consider is the right bra to wear underneath your dress. The asymmetrical shoulder strap dress has a distinctive neckline so it is important to pick a bra that will not slip or peek out of this dress. In many cases, a strapless bra will work well with this style of bridesmaid dress, but if you like to have a bit of extra support, a convertible bra could be the best choice for you. With its detachable straps, this bra can be arranged in a variety of ways that will work comfortably with your dress.

Putting on accessories adds up to your overall look so it is essential to choose the right jewelry that will complement your bridesmaid dress. When deciding on jewelry to wear, remember the purpose of the distinctive neckline of an asymmetrical shoulder strap dress. Since the style means to feature your shoulder and neck, it is best to keep the jewelry simple. Avoid wearing a flashy necklace since it will only detract the attention from your neckline.

If you are wearing the same asymmetrical shoulder strap dress as the other bridesmaids at the wedding but want to differentiate yourself, use earrings to accomplish this. Earrings that dangle will entice and lure the eyes to the shoulders and neck.

Another way to style up your asymmetrical shoulder strap bridesmaid dress is to have an elegant hairstyle. If you have a long hair, you can decide to sweep your hair into a pretty updo to keep it off your neck. This hairstyle is an excellent choice since it allows the bodice of the dress to stand out. But if you wish to keep your hair down, make sure to have it behind your shoulder or swept to the same side of your dress that has the strap in order to still show the cut.

The best way to make your asymmetrical shoulder strap bridesmaid dress truly moving and appealing is to match it with style elements that will showcase all of its features. Eliminate any shawl or wrap that will cover this neckline.

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