Cap Sleeve Neckline Bridesmaid Dresses

The cap sleeve bridesmaid dress is a stylish trend that provides a classic look. A bridesmaid dress with cap sleeves is a nice compromise between a strapless gown and a full length sleeve dress. Cap sleeves are very short sleeves that are cut to create a cap while covering only the edge of the shoulders without extending below the underarms.

The cap sleeve bridesmaid dress is available in a variety of styles. The most common style is the traditional cap sleeve bridesmaid dress. These bridesmaid dresses have cap sleeves made from the same fabric throughout the garment. Tradition cap sleeves bridesmaid dresses are very comfortable to wear and have that true vintage look. [Continue reading..]

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Meanwhile, embellished cap sleeve bridesmaid dresses are quite the opposite of traditional cap sleeve bridesmaid dresses. The embellished cap sleeves are like jewelry placed at the shoulders and are usually made of three dimensional appliques. The embellished cap sleeve dress is an instant eye catcher, but bridesmaids should be careful so as not to over accessorize with too much jewelry. Illusion cap sleeve bridesmaid dresses on the other hand are much more delicate and can be paired with a  large variety of accessories.

History of the Cap Sleeve Bridesmaid Dress

The first known use of cap sleeves can be traced back to 1885. In the 1920’s, women started adding cap sleeves to their wedding gowns, and since then this style has remained popular throughout the history of wedding dresses.

Cap sleeve blouses, button up shirts, and midriff tops which resemble a mini peasant tops were just some of the styles worn by teens and young women during the summers in the 1940’s.

The cap sleeve trend continued to become popular and broke a new plateau in the 1950’s. Fashion icon Jackie Kennedy's wedding dress featured cap sleeves, which made the trend extremely popular. In 1957, actress Audrey Hepburn made it even more popular when she wore a cap sleeve wedding dress in her movie “Funny Face.” Royalty and celebrities have continued to embrace this trend in the decades that followed. In 2011, Princess Charlene of Monaco wore a classic cap sleeve wedding gown when she got married to Prince Albert II.

Cap sleeve dresses were not just worn by the brides, it was also carried over to bridesmaid dresses. Princess Margaret wore a gorgeous cap sleeve bridesmaid dress at her sisters now Queen Elizabeth II's wedding. More recently, when Duchess Kate Middleton got married to Prince William, her sister Pippa Middleton almost stole the spotlight while wearing a simple but elegant cap sleeve bridesmaid dress.

Generally, the cap sleeve bridesmaid dress is an ideal choice for most body types, only with an exception to women with broad shoulders. The cap sleeve bridesmaid dress is a perfect choice for a bridesmaid with a pear shape body and wants to widen her slim shoulders and balance her top half with her bottom half.

However, other parts of the dress should be observed too, to ensure suitability. Cap sleeves may fit most bridesmaids, but the dress style plays a bigger part in determining whether a dress flatters the woman's body.

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