Cowl Back Neckline Bridesmaid Dresses

The cowl back bridesmaid dress is both modest and sexy for the modern bridesmaid. This style is a balance of a simple front paired with a sexy cowl back. The cowl back neckline is draped down and cut on the bias of the fabric, which means that there is a considerable amount of soft looking drape along the lowest edge of the back of the dress.

The cowl back neckline is popularly used for knit dresses, formal garments for cocktail parties and events such as proms and weddings. The dramatic back of this style is often a perfect finish for the simple front. [Continue reading..]

Bridesmaid Dress Style 1419

Style 1419

History of the Cowl Back Neckline and Dress

The cowl back neckline features loosely draped fabric at the back of a dress, forming something of a turnover effect and creating a swinging and unstructured look similar to a softly draped scarf worn around the neck.

The word cowl originates from the Latin, “cuculla” which means hood and rope. During the medieval period, the cowl was a piece of clothing consisting of a hood and a shoulder cape, just like the costume of Robin Hood, a heroic outlaw in English folklore. Today, the cuculla is still worn by members of religious orders and groups like the Roman Catholic priests.

Today’s modern style of the cowl neckline commonly seen in women’s outfits incorporate the draping effect created by the fabric of the cuculla’s hood that hangs down from the head and drapes around the neck and back, which is a fabulous style similar to backless dresses. The soft draping of the cowl neck is not exclusively reserved for the back of a dress. The same draping can also be displayed on the front of the dress, but the drape is a little higher on the body than the one on the traditional cowl back neckline.

Tips for Wearing Cowl Back Bridesmaid Dress

A cowl back bridesmaid dress is an understated and striking choice for brides who want their bridesmaids to buy a practical style that they can wear again at another event.

Alluring and yet classic, the cowl back bridesmaid dress will never go out of style and will fit into most wedding theme. The cowl back bridesmaid dress is a much loved outfit at summer weddings, especially since the various styles offer more grace and flexibility.

But can any bridesmaid wear a cowl back bridesmaid dress? Like any other bridesmaid dress style, the only sure fire way for you to know is to try on several cowl back neckline designs. When fitting a dress, have someone take a picture of your back as well as from several other angles. Keep in mind that mirrors can distort the way your cowl dress looks from behind. Also, you will find it difficult to get a clear and true impression of the cowl back design by craning your neck.

Due of the depth of the draping created by a cowl back design, traditional bras are not suitable to wear with the cowl back bridesmaid dress. Invest in a special designer bra that will go with your dress. You could pick a convertible bra with a low, criss cross back or stick on bras. A strapless stickon bra will not provide that much needed support but it will give you some shape, especially if you have a large bust. Fashion tape or shaped patches can help hold the dress in place as well as give you some security.

Complete the look by choosing a hairstyle that will give ample view of your dress at the back, either an intricate plait or putting up your hair in a bun. A back necklace is also worth considering when accessorizing a cowl back bridesmaid dress.

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