Embellished Straps Neckline Bridesmaid Dresses

Let bridesmaids show their inner elegance with embellished straps bridesmaid dresses. An embellished strap bridesmaid dress uses embellishments to make the straps more attractive. A little touch of embellishments added to the straps of a dress can make it look elegant. Embellished straps add glamour to the overall look of a bridesmaid dress.

Embellished Straps Bridesmaid Dress Materials

The embellishment process adds an extra layer of design to an embellished strap bridesmaid dress by using different materials. Beadwork is the most popular choice when it comes to embellishment. Beads are small, decorative objects that are formed in various sizes and shapes and are made from natural or synthetic materials. [Continue reading..]

Bridesmaid Dress Style 1136

Style 1136

For most of human history, pearls were the ultimate beads of natural origin because of their rarity. Various types of stones such as gemstones and common minerals also go through certain processes to be used as beads embellishments. Synthetic materials used for networking are generally made from ceramics such as pottery and glass.

Meanwhile, Swarovski crystals and rhinestones are the most common synthetically made beads, and they are typically colorless and iridescent, so that they shine when the light hits them. However, the quality and sparkle of Swarovski crystals are much better compared to rhinestones. The sparkle and small size of the beads make it a perfect embellishment choice for thin straps.

Although beads are the most common embellishment for straps, other embellished straps bridesmaid dresses do not use beads as embellishments. The straps itself can be made from lace, which is a type of fabric that is often used for embellishments. Lace is a delicate fabric created with an open weblike pattern that is made by machine or by hand.

Embroidery is another type of embellishment that can be used in straps. It is an ancient form of needlework that has been used for decorative purposes. Embroidery may add color, texture, richness and dimension, and sometimes the embroidery was further embellished with pearls, feathers, beads, and gems. Embroidery and lace are often used in thick types of straps.

There are different types of straps that look gorgeous already on their own such as halter and spaghetti straps. Embellished straps bridesmaid dresses are also great alternative to strapless gowns.

Embellished Straps Bridesmaid Dress History

The embellished straps bridesmaid dress is one of the most uniquely designed styles which is the furthest from traditional bridesmaid dress designs.  There are different ways designers have sought to use embellishments in order to add visual appeal to clothing. Appliqués, lace, embroidery and beads are some of the embellishment options that have stood the test of time.

In ancient history, embroidery was a royal high art and a token of status and luxury for emperors, pharaohs, kings and sultans for whom designs were created out of gold and silver threads embroidered through rich fabrics.

Beads were perhaps fashion’s first indulgent luxury. Almost every culture has valued beadwork since the first person strung the first bead. The history of beadwork spans at least 5000 years. By 2500 BC, in the Iraqi tombs of Ur, beadwork creations made from thousands of very tiny, enchanting lapis lazuli beads. This beads were sewn onto a base to create a covering layer of beadwork which was made into a crown.

Excavations of Neolithic burial mounds in Europe have revealed scraps of wool and linen embellished with a crude bone needle. Early Egyptian palaces, tombs and paintings depict men and women wearing what appears to be richly embroidered clothes. Even Alexander the Great wore an embroidered and beaded Eastern robe when he conquered Persia in 331 BC.

During the Middle Ages, beads were used to embellish embroidery work. In the Renaissance and during Elizabethan England, clothing, purses, and pictures were adorned with beads. There is no easy way to determine when embellishments was first used, but you can see beads, studs, sequins, spangles, bezants, medallions, and other glittery bits of metal as decorations for garments for almost as long as there are surviving bits of clothing to see.

Many bridesmaids add embellished straps to their strapless dress. If you think that straps will ruin the look of your dress, think again. There are many great looking embellished straps bridesmaid dresses, and embellished straps do not just add glamour, but further emphasizes the beauty of the dress.

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