Jewel Halter Neckline Bridesmaid Dresses

For the bedazzled and sexy look, try a jewel halter bridesmaid dress. With the combination of both jewel and halter necklines, the jewel halter bridesmaid dress will add excitement on any wedding occasion.

The jewel halter bridesmaid dress is a slightly smooth neckline near the base of the throat which wraps around  and hooks up at the back of the neck. It is perfect for bridesmaids with broad shoulders since the convergence of this neckline makes the shoulders appear smaller. It also enhances the bust, drawing attention to the center of the body. [Continue reading..]

Bridesmaid Dress Style 1131

Style 1131

Jewel halter dresses are very popular in both formal and semiformal gatherings. During the 2013 Emmy Awards Red Carpet, actress Rose Byrne wore a pink two piece jewel halter evening gown that featured a sleeveless top and an A-line skirt. Meanwhile, actress Amanda Seyfried looked fabulous in an Art Deco inspired jewel halter dress by Bottega Veneta at a gala by the National Board of Review Awards.

Jewel Halter Neckline and Dress History

Jewel halter neckline originated from the combination of jewel neckline and halter neckline. The jeweled halter neckline style can be easily confused with these two types of necklines because of the slight difference in their combinations. However, once you are aware of the difference, it can be easy to identify a jewel halter bridesmaid dress.

Jewel bridesmaid dresses have circular neckline, similar to that of a t-shirt. It is usually plain and without a collar. Halter bridesmaid dresses on the other hand, have either a thick or thin strap that goes around the nape of the neck. It can be paired with a V neckline, square neckline or a sweetheart neckline style. Any dress with a strap that goes around the neck can be considered a halter neckline dress.

Dresses with a jewel halter neckline have round straps that wrap around the neck. A plain jewel dress cannot be considered a jewel halter garment, and only halter dresses with round straps can be considered a jewel halter outfit.

Jewel Halter Bridesmaid Dress Silhouette

To achieve a stunning look, it is best to choose the right silhouette that will complement a jewel halter dress. Bridesmaids have the privilege to choose the silhouette that goes with their liking and body types, but they should consider the chosen color of the bride.

Some silhouettes go well with a jewel halter neckline and some were not. Most jewel halter bridesmaid dresses are created with an A-line skirt and the bodice was adorned with pleats. This silhouette is flattering on almost all body shapes.

Bridesmaids who wish to show off their body’s natural line can pair their jewel halter bridesmaid dresses with a column silhouette. This close fitting style looks great on bridesmaids with petite figures. A jewel halter bridesmaid dress is also very fashionable as a two piece, with a keyhole front or back and the skirt either in knee length or floor length. This style can also have two different complementing colors or patterns for the top half and skirts. This silhouette is best used to accentuate the waistline of bridesmaids with a pear shaped body.

There are several bridesmaid dresses which require a certain hairstyle, given that the right hairstyle can greatly improve the overall look. For a jewel halter dress, the bridesmaid can let her hair down to create an illusion at the back that nothing is holding her dress up. However, if the jewel halter dress has an open back, it is best for the bridesmaid to tie or braid her hair up, rather than just let some hair fall on the side of her face.

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