Lace Neck Neckline Bridesmaid Dresses

Bridesmaids love the look and style of the lace neck bridesmaid dresses. Lace is a fabric patterned with open holes and made by either hand or machine. The holes on the lace neck can be formed by removing the threads or cloth from a previously woven fabric. However, more often open spaces are created on the material as part of the lace fabric.

The lace fabric is a decorative mesh of interlaced threadwork including plaiting, knotting, lopping and turning making patterns and raised work that is either simple or complicated. [Continue reading..]

Bridesmaid Dress Style 1143

Style 1143

History of Lace and Lace Neckline

Textiles similar to lace had been used for centuries. But it was not until in the early sixteenth century that lace became a popular material in fashion. Lace making became popular in Europe in the seventeeth century as trade and immigration introduced lacemaking techniques to women who worked in textile crafts.

The most common forms of lace were bobbin and needle. However, the styles of lace depend on where it is made. The bobbin lace is made using many threads of yarn and a pillow for support while the needle lace is produced with the use of a single thread and needle. The distinct features of the different styles of lace can be sorted into categories based on their point of origin.

It was in 1768, during the Industrial Revolution, that inventor John Heathcoat created the bobbin net machine. Afterwards, the handmade lace industry declined due to the production of machine lace. In 1837, inventor Samuel Ferguson added jacquard looms to the bobbin net machine of Heathcoat which resulted in the evolution of lace designs and the start of hobby lacers.

In the seventeenth century, flowing lace collars and deep necklines were common neckline fashion which are also used today. In 1856, the lace bertha neckline was a feature on early Victorian evening dresses. The bertha neckline exposed a woman’s shoulders and trimmed over with a three to six inch deep lace flounce.

Lace Neck Bridesmaid Dress Lace Types

Lace neck is a popular accent to bridal gowns and bridesmaid dresses. The neckline style adds elegance with a touch of flare and style. There are many types of lace to choose from. One style can give a vintage feel to a bridesmaid dress while another can provide an expensive esthetic or a glamorous appearance.

The many different styles of lace have a long history of romance. Some styles are often included in wedding outfits such as lace bridal gowns and lace neck bridesmaid dresses. There are many different lace variations but there are some that are popular in certain types of weddings.

The Chantilly lace, named after a city in France, is a handmade bobbin lace, with the lacework dating back to the seventeeth century. This lace features a flat, outlined pattern and abundant details. Bridesmaids who want soft, romantic lace pattern will love the Chantilly lace neck bridesmaid dress.

The needle lace, Alencon or point d’Alencon lace originated from Alencon, France. Also known as the Queen of Lace, it has raised cording throughout its pattern, with the cording following the lace pattern underneath. This lace is ideal for traditional lace neck bridesmaid dresses.

The Guipure lace is firm and stiff, without net background. The pattern consists of a series of closedly packed embroidery stitches and perfect for use by bridesmaids who love texture on their lace neck bridesmaid dresses.

Cotton lace is the perfect material for a spring wedding. Cotton lace has a soft and less formal feel when compared with traditional lace neck styles. Meanwhile, the laser cut lace is a modern and unique take on the tradional lace fabric. Bridesmaids love this traditional lace with a modern style.

Lastly, the point d’esprit lace is more spaced and airy compared with the traditional alecon lace. This style of lace is a bobbinet or tulle with square or oval dots that are woven in an irregular pattern. This lace has a vintage feel and look, perfect for an outdoor wedding and for bridesmaids who do not want an allover lace for their lace neck bridesmaid dress.

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