Off the Shoulder Neckline Bridesmaid Dresses

The off the shoulder bridesmaid dress is a poplular dress for bridesmaids wanting to show of showing off some skin without compromising their modesty. The off the shoulder style is a favorite of brides and this neckline is seen in almost all wedding seasons. Its popularity is such that it has taken on several different forms. There is the ruffled style and the 1990’s inspired clingy style.

A variation of the off the shoulder bridesmaid dress is known as the cold shoulder top, which exposes the skin between the strap and sleeve. The cold shoulder top is also a hit among womens wear and this look was adopted into casual dresses, swimwear, bridal gowns and bridesmaid dresses. The many variations of the off the shoulder neckline stem from designers’ belief that there are few women who do not like the way their shoulders look and if given a chance, it is the one part of the body that they would not hesitate to flaunt. [Continue reading..]

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The off the shoulder neckline flatters a wide range of body types which is in contrast with other fads such as crop tops and tank tops. Brides will be happy to know that the off the shoulder neckline bridesmaids dress appeals to a large spectrum of bridesmaids.

Teen bridesmaids may go for a full fledged clavicle baring off the shoulder bridesmaid dresses while older and more traditional bridesmaids may opt for a split sleeve iteration that shows just a glimpse of their tricep.

History of the Off the Shoulder Neckline and Dress

Based on some historical photographs, the off the shoulder neckline and dresses have been worn by women as early as 1855. Emperor Napoleon’s Spanish born empress, Eugenie and her bridesmaids were photographed wearing off the shoulder dresses designed by Charles Frederick Worth in 1855. In 1829, Russian Grand Duchess Elena Pavlovna was photographed wearing an off the shoulder gown while the style was also recorded on an 1829 fashion plate.

Tips for Wearing an Off the Shoulder Bridesmaid Dresses

There is no doubt that many bridesmaids love the off the shoulder neckline. However, many are also concerned about the possibility of a wardrobe malfunction, particularly bridesmaids who do not really feel comfortable wearing lightweight fabrics without any kind of bra or support undergarment.

Designers know that it only takes a fraction of a slip of the off the shoulder neckline in either direction to expose more skin than women would otherwise want. It is important for bridesmaids to have the correct size for their off the shoulder bridesmaid dress. Sometimes, even with perfect sizing, the laws of gravity and elastic failure can wreck havoc to an otherwise perfect look.

One way to prevent the off the shouldern neckline from slipping up or down is to attach elastics under the dress where the armpits would go. The bridesmaid can simply slide their arms over the top of the pinned elastics when they put on their off the shoulder bridesmaid dress.

The test of whether the off the shoulder bridesmaid dress is secured, a bridesmaid can wave her arms over her head to see how well the top stays in place. When it comes to the off the shoulder neckline bridesmaid dress, balancing the proportions of a look does not apply to the style. Off the shoulder actually works well paired with a fuller skirt that either has a slight drape to it or provide an illusion of drape. The key is to have an off the shoulder bridesmaid dress with a fuller skirt that gives a bit of definition to the waist.

When it comes to accessorizing, the open neckline offered by the off the shoulder bridesmaid dress will support just about anything from small chains and pendants to a statement choker.

Bridesmaids who are not comfortable with an off the shoulder top and really feel the need for a little extra support that is offered by a traditional bra, can try a cold shoulder, cutaway or asymmetrical style. The overall look will still be the same without the worry of a malfunction.

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