Short Sleeve Neckline Bridesmaid Dresses

Short sleeve bridesmaid dresses appeal to brides who want distinct styling for their ladies. The types of sleeves on a woman’s clothing are differentiated by several factors such as the length, the way the sleeve is cut and how it fits around the arms of a woman.

The pattern of the sleeves is one of the fashion characteristics in dressmaking and is distinct in every country and time period. Short sleeves are form fitting, with the fabric cut between the shoulder and elbow. [Continue reading..]

Bridesmaid Dress Style 1419

Style 1419

The sleeves during the early medieval period were cut straight, with the underarm gussets designed in triangle shape to provide ease of movement. It was in the 14th century that rounded sleeve cap was invented that led also to the development of a more fitted sleeve.

Short Sleeve Bridesmaid Dress Styles by Body Shape

Every bridesmaid has a different body shape, and therefore, each bridesmaid needs a certain shape of garment that is specific to her figure. Body shapes define what style of bridesmaid dress will flatter a woman’s figure.

Bridesmaids with apple shaped figures have a larger upper body and abdominal region. They also have smaller legs and hips which make them appear top heavy. Bridesmaids who have an apple shape should find a style that will put emphasis on their lower body rather than their top.

The opposite of apple shape bodies are the pear type which generally have a narrow waist and shoulders with a smaller chest. The weight of women with pear body figure is concentrated on the hips, buttocks and thigh area. Finding a dress that accentuates the upper body and emphasizes the shoulders and chest will help counterbalance the look.

Full figure or box shaped bridesmaids carry their weight from head to toe. Usually, the waistline of a full figure bridesmaid measures only 9 inches or smaller compared with her hips and chest, therefore creating a box shape. A dress that will flatter a full figure is one that gives the illusion of slimming and minimizing the waist.

The hourglass body figure has a proportionate chest to hip ratio and a small waist. It is a common perception which many women want an hourglass figure. However, an hourglass body type is actually a hard shape to accommodate particularly for women on the heavier side. The reason for this is because the eyes have already perceived the figure and adding any bulk to the lower or upper area of the body throws off the balance.

Short Sleeve Bridesmaid Dress Styles

When looking for a short sleeve bridesmaid dress, it is best to know about the different illusions a short sleeve creates on certain body shapes. Cap sleeves are very short sleeves that cover only the shoulders and do not extend past the armpit. Bridesmaids who have toned arms, large chest and pear shaped bodies look good in a dress with cap sleeves which provide an illusion of broader shoulders, and minimizing the chest area. Additionally, cap sleeves give balance to the hips of a pear shaped woman by creating bulk in the shoulders.

Cuff or banded sleeves have extra fabric or a folded cuff attached at the end of the sleeve which does not extend past the elbow. This sleeve type looks good on any body shape provided that it has a proper fit around the cuff. Bridesmaids who have extra weight on the upper arm area should make certain that the cuff has enough width to fit comfortably around the arm.

Bell sleeves are narrow on the shoulder and upper arm, extending down to a wider arm opening. This sleeve style is popularly worn shorter or elbow length and accentuates the area where it widens, therefore suited for pear shaped figures.

Kimono sleeves are versatile in creating the perfect illusion for all body figures. This sleeve style is cut along with the bodice, with a loose fabric draping over the arms. A princess sleeve requires a significant amount of fabric gathered around the arm hole to create a puff effect. This sleeve will look good on short sleeve bridesmaid dress for boyish, hourglass and pear shaped bridesmaids. Meanwhile, a cutout sleeve extend to the elbow area and consists of a loosely draped fabric that has a vertical cutout at the shoulder’s opening.

Keep in mind that no matter what body shape a bridesmaid is, there is always a short sleeve bridesmaid dress that will show her in the best light.

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