Strapless Neckline Bridesmaid Dresses

The strapless bridesmaid dress is universally flattering and can detract from most figure problems that a bridesmaid may encounter with other styles of bridesmaid dresses. The strapless bridesmaid dress has no sleeves and the top half is held tightly in position with either a corset or a brassiere.

A strapless neckline has been and will always be popular because the style is flattering to almost all body types. Even though some styles will emerge to become a fad, they will just overshadow the strapless for a short time. The strapless neckline will evidently return as a trend, making this style a timeless classic. [Continue reading..]

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A strapless bridesmaid dress with properly fitted bodice can enhance a small bust as well as minimize a large bust. The strapless neckline has always been associated with evening and long gowns, giving this style a glamorous allure.

One of the reasons that most wedding dresses are strapless is because it is difficult to make a wedding gown or bridesmaid dress that has straps or sleeves that are still delicate and feminine. Most often, straps or sleeves can make brides and bridesmaids feel bulky and burdened. Once brides and bridesmaids wear a strapless dress, they usually feel confident. Additionally, when brides and bridesmaids are informed about the fit, they feel confident that they can wear a strapless.

History of the Strapless Bridesmaid Dress

For women wearing a formal dress and showing her collar bone has been a symbol of beauty, particularly in the western culture. But do you know that there was a time when wearing a strapless dress was considered a disgraceful act?

It is generally believed that the strapless neckline and dress came about in the 1930’s, when designer Mainbocher, created the first strapless dress in 1934. However, there was an iconic image of actress Libby Holman taken in 1932 in which she was dressed in a strapless gown.

The strapless trend became a fashion rage in the early 1950’s but its popularity was hounded by controversy. The strapless style offended religion and the U.S. Army banned brides from wearing the revealing dress to events on military bases.

It wasn’t until the 1970’s that the strapless dress became a part of the wardrobe of many women. Elastic weaving was introduced into the garments to provide better support when fashion designers get creative and make different shapes.

The strapless dress has become extremely popular and can be seen at events such as formal dinners, galas, school proms and weddings. The strapless bridesmaid dress has become the favored style of bridesmaids who want to show off their collar bone, making it one of the most popular neckline style for modern bridal and bridesmaid gowns.

Strapless Bridesmaid Dresses Neckline Style

The traditional style of a strapless bridesmaid dress neckline has evolved into various designs. One strapless neckline style is called the crumb catcher which features pleats, ruffling or gathering similar to a hand held folding fan. The crumb catcher style does not lay close against the bust, unlike the traditional strapless neckline. Instead, the crumb catcher neckline stands up and is slightly away from the body, which is made possible by the use of stiffer and sturdier fabrics.

Bridesmaids need not be concerned about any wardrobe malfunction as the strapless bridesmaid dresses with crumb catcher are designed to incorporate a hidden panel of fabric under the neckline to cover the chest just like a close fitting strapless neckline would.

The crumb catcher strapless neckline is a stylish choice for bridesmaid dresses, and hides many figure flaws. As an example, it provides an extra lift for bridesmaids with a small bust, giving them an illusion of a larger bust.

The sweetheart neckline is another strapless style that features two graceful curves, like the top half of a heart. The style accentuates the bust, with a plunging neckline meeting in the center. There are variations in the depth of the neckline’s plunge so that bridesmaids have options on the amount of cleavage to show off.

The sweetheart strapless bridesmaid dresses are flattering on almost every body figure. The sweetheart neckline gives moderate coverage for the bust while showing just enough skin to get attention to the body figure. Meanwhile, the plunging design of the strapless neckline flatters the body shape, creates curves for bridesmaids with smaller bust while accentuating the curves of those with fuller bust. Additionally, it lengthens the neck to make the bridesmaids look taller and thinner.

The modified sweetheart neckline is an enhanced version of the sweetheart neckline, with the curves above the bust of a strapless bridesmaid dress more subtle and the plunge at the decolletage shallower.

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