Surplice Neckline Bridesmaid Dresses

Make your bridesmaids undeniably majestic by choosing a surplice bridesmaid dress. The surplice bridesmaid dress design is a diagonally crossed bodice or neckline. This faux wrap style of surplice creates a deep V shaped neckline and is fashionable and contemporary.

As a variation of the V neck, the surplice neckline crosses over the chest from both sides of the neck towards the other side of the body. This overlapping neckline style is created by sewing the bottom layer to the top just below the bust. Hence why the most popular combination for the surplice neckline is an empire waistline. [Continue reading..]

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History of the Surplice Bridesmaid Dress

Today’s surplice neckline is commonly used in women’s formal wear such as prom dresses, weddings gowns and bridesmaid dresses. Ironically, the surplice style was originally inspired by garments that were worn by men. A surplice is a tunic vestment traditionally worn by the male church leaders in Western Christianity.

The tunic vestment is made of white cotton fabric or linen, has fairly wide sleeves with the length reaching the knees. The vestments were inspired by the tunics of the Greeks. There is a high probability that the surplice style first appeared in England and France then gradually spread into Italy.

During the second half of the 11th century, the order of the Augustinian Canons were established and its founders were believed to have had a special influence on the surplice style. The early designs of the surplice, extended to the feet, but then started to become shortened around the 13th century.

Since its origin, the surplice garment underwent several significant stylistic modifications. These modifications include the sleeveless surplice with armholes at the sides, slit arms or lappets instead of sleeves, a surplice with slits up the sides in both sleeves and body of the garment.

Surplice in Women’s Fashion

The surplice neckline and silhouette that became popular in women’s fashion are somewhat similar to the vestments in regards to the crossover. The surplice in women’s fashion are included in sweaters, t-shirts, blouses and even wedding dresses. The surplice bridesmaid dress is one of the most sought after styles in modern weddings. The surplice bridesmaid dress style may be in the form of a cross over neckline that runs down and ends before the waist or extends into the bodice of the bridesmaid dress.

For a distinct bridesmaid dress, a faux wrap top or blouse may have a self-tie at the side to accentuate the wrap style. In some top designs, the surplice that ends at the bust has a band of material that covers the seam, creating a high or empire waist.

The surplice style differs from the authentic wrap design in the diagonal front seam that is sewn up. This seam in a true wrap is attached to the rest of the dress with ties or strings used to hold the front of the dress. The authentic wrap, has is a tendency to gape in the front of the dress. This is why a surplice bridesmaid dress is favored by many brides and bridesmaids due to the practicality and comfort it provides, unlike an actual wrap.

The surplice style is popular in both casual and formal clothes. The materials suited for the surplice style varies from silk to cotton to cashmere and jersey. Some surplice bridesmaid dresses may have a cross over back or a frontal cross over style. The surplice style flatters all figure types and surplice bridesmaid dresses may have short sleeves, long sleeves or sleeveless for more versatility.

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