Backless Silhouette Bridesmaid Dresses

Bridesmaid dresses come in different styles and designs. But a backless bridesmaid dress has been a favorite of brides. There is just something about revealing a woman’s back that is undeniably sexy and alluring. An open back dress shows off skin but still holds a little bit of mystery as to what else lies beneath the layers of tulle, silk and beads.

Aside from bridesmaid dresses, an open back dress can also be worn on formal occasions or as an evening attire. The backless bridesmaid dress can be of any length, from a halter top to a mini skirt length to floor length. There is always a backless dress style that will fit any body shape. [Continue reading..]

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Style 7036

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The Many Variations of a Backless Bridesmaid Dress

The amount of the back exposed by a backless bridesmaid dress can also vary in style. The back is either partially exposed with a low cut or fully exposed leaving the upper and middle back uncovered and exposing the shoulder blades.

Some bridesmaid backless dresses plunge nearly to the buttocks. Other styles have a zipper opening that starts from the armhole depth while some feature a halter neck. The dress design was created mainly due to the influence of Western fashion. It takes a sophisticated woman to carry off this style without feeling self-conscious.

A backless dress can be held up in a number of ways. The most common is by a single piece cloth or strap which passes behind the neck, also called as halter neck-style. The neck strap can itself be covered by the bridesmaid’s hair, leaving an impression from behind that nothing is holding the dress up.

Moreover, the dress may be held up by a single or two spaghetti straps at the shoulders or by short sleeves. A double stick tape or nude netting are other ways that a dress can be held up.
Few things can make as dramatic a statement as a backless bridesmaid dresses. Coupled with the perfect hairstyle, an open back dress is a drop dead detail that is sure to have all eyes focused on you.

Tips on Wearing a Backless Bridesmaid Dress

A backless bridesmaid dress can make a stylish statement for your wedding day without flashing cleavage or revealing too much leg. The style is a classy way of showing some skin in a way that can be as fun or flirty and seductive as you like. Open back bridesmaid dresses are available in short dress lengths or long formal gowns in a wide array of colors including red, black, and gold.

If you want to add simplicity to the sexy and seductive backless bridesmaid dress, black is the best color option. This color is considered to be quite elegant and simple at the same time. It is a color used for special occasions.

Breast support may be an issue for most bridesmaids when wearing an open back dress. Many bridesmaids choosing this style prefer to go braless. However, going braless can be quite inappropriate if you are wearing a form fitting backless bridesmaid dress or if the material of the dress is flimsy or transparent.

Bra designs are available that are designed for backless dresses. You can either go strapless or use breast pads. If you are not comfortable without any support, then by all means wear a bra.

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