Cocktail Silhouette Bridesmaid Dresses

There are many reasons why a cocktail bridesmaid dress is a popular choice in weddings. First, it is incredibly versatile in that it can be worn in almost all wedding seasons. A cocktail bridesmaid dress can also be worn again in other occasions. With just a little imagination and creativity in picking your accessories, your cocktail bridesmaid dresses can look great at cocktail parties or at occasions that require a semi-formal or formal attire. [Continue reading..]

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Second, there are many different styles of cocktail bridesmaid dresses. Historically, a cocktail dress was so long that it often touched the ankle. This style was called the ballerina length and was popularly known as an evening gown. A length which was slightly above the ankle, about 2 inches, was called the tea length.

It was during the middle of the 20th century when the shorter length cocktail dresses design became a trend in semi-formal occasions. This style of dress was often worn late afternoon with the length reaching above the knee.

Additionally, during the middle of the 20th century, cocktail gowns featuring full skirts were described by couturiers as dancing costumes. These gowns were commonly used in formal dances. The term cocktail dress was first used by designer Christian Dior in the 1940’s to refer to dresses worn by women in early evening occasions.

Sleeves Styles for Cocktail Bridesmaid Dress

Sleeves for cocktail bridesmaid dresses come in different styles and designs. The bishop style is loose fitting and runs down the arm to gather at the wrist. This allows for a controlled flowing motion. As the name suggest, a bell sleeve is fitted all the way down the arm but opens at the bottom in a shape that looks like a large bell.

Another type of sleeve for a cocktail dress is a cap that covers only the top of a woman’s shoulder. There is also fitted sleeves that go all the way to the wrist without any open space. The dolman sleeves look full at the top and gradually tightens to a perfect snug fit down at the wrist.

The three-quarter sleeves have a length that ends just below the elbows. Meanwhile, the Gibson sleeve has a puff at the top of the cocktail dress to make it fuller all the way down to the wrist. Similarly, the Juliet sleeve has also a puff design at the shoulder but it is fitted all the way down to the wrist.

Words of Caution When Wearing a Cocktail Bridesmaid Dress

Cocktail dresses look flattering when paired with high-heel shoes. Avoid wearing flat shoes especially if it is a formal wedding unless it is completely unavoidable. The right dress line is very important for a cocktail dress. A black tie event may require a full-length dress while a knee-length dress is appropriate for a semi-formal occasion. Knee-length or higher length cocktail bridesmaid dresses may look good in casual weddings.

One way to accessorize a cocktail bridesmaid dress is to wear a hosiery. A sheer black hosiery or one in nude color will look good on any wedding. When it comes to shoes, closed-toe or open style are both acceptable for informal or formal weddings. However, remember to wear a seamless hosiery when wearing open-toe shoes.

Finding a cocktail bridesmaid dress that is sleek and sophisticated as well as sexy is not difficult. Just keep in mind to find a dress that will not outshine the bride. After all, it is her day.


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