Cropped Silhouette Bridesmaid Dresses

If you love the idea of a two-piece bridesmaid dress but do not want to show much extra skin, try the cropped bridesmaid dress. Bridesmaid dresses have certainly evolved over the years and the cropped bridesmaid dresses is a new growing wedding trend that bridesmaids everywhere are embracing.

The two-piece bridesmaid dress trend has become popular for several reasons. First is versatility, because you can mix and match your favorite pieces for a look that easily transitions from ceremony, reception, to after party. For instance, if you are having a formal wedding ceremony, you can pair a dramatic long skirt with an embellished bodice. When it is time for the reception, you can change your outfit with a party perfect embellished mini skirt. Unlike a ball gown, you can wear the cropped bridesmaid dress in other future events. [Continue reading..]

#LEVKOFF Bridesmaid Dress Style 7013

Style 7013

Another reason that makes cropped bridesmaid dresses popular is the style. Wearing a cropped bridesmaid dress on a wedding celebration is a way to show off your unique personal style as well as being current on the latest wedding wear trends. Bridesmaids of every shape and size step out looking fabulous in this style and bare as much midriff as they are comfortable with. Since there is no wedding rule that says you have to wear a one-piece wedding outfit on a wedding event, switch it up and create a unique look with a cropped bridesmaid dress.

Cropped Bridesmaid Dress Break from Tradition

A cropped bridesmaid dress is perfect for bridesmaids looking for a break from tradition. Showing a little skin never hurt anyone but even if you fancy yourself more conservative, a cropped style is still a good option because this is not all about being skintight or minimalistic. A cropped bridesmaid dress actually works beautifully with flowing skirts and relaxed styling.

There is a common perception that cropped bridesmaid dresses involve an exposed tummy or a separate top which is something modern and not at all traditional. But cropped bridesmaid dresses can also have a classic look. From trendy crop tops to chiffon skirts made for twirling, a cropped bridesmaid dress provides a cool twist on the traditional wedding dress.

With cropped bridesmaid dress, you will be able to mix and match bridal skirts with bridal tops to create your very own personal wedding attire. You can pair a simple white bridesmaid dress with a lace topper and transform it into a completely new wedding dress. You can also match a voluminous bridal skirt with an embellished corset if you desire the ball gown aspect.

There are plenty of options to consider when creating your own style with a cropped bridesmaid dress. Cropped bridesmaid dresses not only give you the option to mix and match to your heart’s content such as pairing the perfect bodice with the right skirt to create a one of a kind look, but it can also become an important part of your wardrobe as you can wear it again long after the wedding celebration.

The best part about cropped bridesmaid dress is that it can work for any type of wedding celebration, from a formal affair to a cocktail reception as well as a courthouse wedding. Cropped bridesmaid dresses are also ideal for beach weddings, making this silhouette a flexible choice for a bridesmaid dress.

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