Dropped Waist Silhouette Bridesmaid Dresses

If you are looking for wedding wear that will flatter your bridesmaids despite their different body shapes, consider the dropped waist bridesmaid dress. The dropped waist bridesmaid dress style features a long bodice that extends below the natural waistline. Because of the longer bodice, the skirt of the dropped waist bridesmaid dress is shorter. The short hemlines of the dropped waist bridesmaid dress is reminiscent of the 1960’s and can be described as conservative. [Continue reading..]

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A typical dropped waist bridesmaid dress fits loosely from shoulder to hip and transitions into a pleated or gathered skirt at the hip instead of the natural waistline. In a classic style, the dropped waist bridesmaid dress is associated with the 1920’s fashion. The style is relaxed and comfortable but caters to specific body types.

Dropped Waist and Natural Waist Differences

Drop waist outfits feature a waist band positioned below the natural waistline, typically around the hip area. This silhouette flatters women with slim and boyish body frames. The dropped waist dresses and skirts remove the emphasis from the natural waistline and instead, draw the eyes toward the woman’s hips.

The natural waistline is the smallest part of a woman’s abdomen, between her ribcage and hips. An outfit that emphasizes a woman’s natural waist slips inward at the waist to highlight the thinnest point on her torso. The natural waistline style flatters all body shapes and it can be used to shift the attention to or create the illusion of feminine curves.

Dropped Waist Bridesmaid Dress and Body Types

A bridesmaid who has a slender or willowy figure, with small bust line and hips, can enhance her shape with a dropped waist bridesmaid dress. This dress style will allow the bridesmaid to show off her long legs, toned arms and delicate collarbones. Slender or petite bridesmaids should choose short dropped waist dresses so that their small frame would not be overwhelmed by the dress. They can opt to wear both loose fitting and fitted dropped waist dresses for ease and comfort.

A dropped waist bridesmaid dress that skims over the midsection is ideal for bridesmaids who have an apple body shape with extra weight around their tummy. Do not consider drop waist styles that are fitted across the midsection. The lower waistline of the dropped waist bridesmaid dress will create the illusion of a longer torso but may visually shorten the legs. To visually balance the legs and torso, choose a dropped waist bridesmaid dress with a shorter hemline or flowing, sheer skirt.

Many bridesmaids who have a plus size body type may be interested in dropped waist bridesmaid dress style because it can effectively hide their bulges. However, the style only works for specific plus size body types. For the most flattering fit, choose a loose fitting dropped waist bridesmaid dress with the waist positioned on the hips.

If a formal look is required, bridesmaids can opt to add a little detailing or beading high around the neckline or low around the hem of their dropped waist dress.

For bridesmaids who are lucky to have an hourglass figure or pear shaped body, a dropped waist dress may not be a good choice to flatter their figure. A larger dress size may be needed to accommodate the curves of women who have hourglass or pear body shape. Alteration of the shoulders of the dropped waist dress may also be needed.

A fitted dropped waist bridesmaid dress may suit bridesmaids who have hourglass figure, but the style is not as good as the one that emphasizes their slender waistline. The dropped waist silhouette is styled to emphasize the hips. For bridesmaids with pear shaped figure, choose a dropped waist dress with strong detailing or embellishment along the neckline to draw the eyes up and away from the hips.

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