Fitted Silhouette Bridesmaid Dresses

The fitted bridesmaid dress will emphasize and flatter curves in a subtle and sophisticated way. A fitted bridesmaid dresses will create an hourglass body shape and this style is a good choice for bridesmaids who are looking for a form fitting dress that is easier to move in.

As the name suggests, the fitted bridesmaid dresses is fitted to the knees and then flairs down gradually. Fitted bridesmaid dresses look best on slender or hourglass shaped bridesmaids who want to show off their figure with the fitted portion of the dress. [Continue reading..]

Bridesmaid Dress Style 1179

Style 1179

Designed to hug every curve, a fitted bridesmaid dress is made to proudly show off a curvy body shape. But if you are not comfortable about showing off your curves, you can always find a style that will accentuate your best feature. Fitted bridesmaid dress is a woman's friend, made for flattering her and her figure.

Fitted Bridesmaid Dress Styles

There are many types of fitted bridesmaid dresses. However, although they differ in their appearance, fitted bridesmaid dresses are all created to showcase and compliment a bridesmaid's figure. The basic difference between the styles of fitted bridesmaid dresses is their purpose and design which greatly differentiates one fitted dress from another.

You can choose from either a sheath style that follows the long straight form of your body or a flared dress that creates curves and breaks up your body like a mermaid cut. If you are slim and tall, you may want to either highlight your statuesque physique or choose a dress that can create curves. Fitted bridesmaid dresses can enhance a tall bridesmaid's height and they are also great for warm weather weddings or for outdoor venues.

Tips on Wearing a Fitted Bridesmaid Dress

For a curvy bridesmaid, look for a semi-fitted bridesmaid dress that follows your curves and shows off your waistline. Avoid a design that is either too loose, too fitted and has high necklines.

You can also look for semi fitted shapes that have open necklines and a nipped in waist if you have a full bust. Avoid high, off-the-shoulder, boat necklines, formless A-lines and styles with full, gathered sleeves. On the other hand, if you have a small bust, look for empire, fitted sheath and strapless styles that can add definition to the bust.

Choose the right undergarment to help smooth out your curves such as a thong. However, if you are not comfortable wearing a thong, you can opt for seamless underwear.

Some may think a fitted bridesmaid dress is a quick and simple solution to achieve the perfect wedding look. It really all depends on how you wear it according to your body shape and size. If you want to pull off this sexy and stunning look without holding your breath, there are some instances that you may want to squeeze in an extra session at the gym first.

Furthermore, there are some simple ways to look good in fitted bridesmaid dress even if you do not have the body of a super model. The fitted bridesmaid dress is a show stopper on its own, which means it is best to keep the accessories simple. Skip the heavy duty jewelry and focus on pieces meant to compliment and not overpower your outfit. Keeping accessories and shoes at a minimum definitely helps keep the focus on the look without pushing it over the top.

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