Front Center Slit Silhouette Bridesmaid Dresses

Have your bridesmaids looking chic and sexy in their front center slit bridesmaid dresses. With a front center slit bridesmaid dress, bridesmaids will be able to show a little skin in any wedding season, and flaunt their best assets.

There is no doubt that slit dresses, whether the slit is in the center or side, are sexy and sensual. The slit trend has evolved in many styles like multi slit slashes, double slit, front middle slit and side slit.A front center slit is a long and narrow cut or opening in the middle of a skirt or dress. [Continue reading..]

Bridesmaid Dress Style 1215

Style 1215

Tips for Wearing a Front Center Slit Bridesmaid Dress

Actress Angelina Jolie’s strapless black gown with slit in the 2012 Oscars created a formalwear trend of dresses with daring slits. Classy but not trashy, dresses and skirts with slits have a rather classic formal look. The slit has been a sexy styling detail among celebrities, with some wearing it so high that it defies modesty.

Slits on dresses or skirts are sexy and can be very flattering. Bridesmaids that are 50 years and above may wear longer skirts and dresses with slits so as not to look matronly. Petite bridesmaids can use the vertical element of the slit to make them look taller and leaner.

The slit trend has grown in popularity in many of today’s weddings. Front center slit bridesmaid dresses suit many body types and will never fail to make you look attractive and sexy. The trick to wearing a slit is to ensure that you show off only what you want to show to avoid a wardrobe malfunction.

When choosing the level of slit for your bridesmaid dress, only a suggestion of showing a little skin will be enough. There is no need to wear a thigh high slit that would expose what should not be seen. The idea of the front center slit bridesmaid dress itself makes the style sexy, and a small cut for your front center slit bridesmaid dress is all that you need to attract interest.

Make sure that any shaping gear that you are wearing will be out of range of the slit. You would not want your underwear or other under garments to show when you sit down. To avoid a public peek, practice sitting, standing and dancing while wearing your front center slit bridesmaid dress.

If you are not comfortable going with a slit for your bridesmaid dress, consider wearing a hosiery. Try a sheer pantyhose or fishnets which will provide a little more cover than bare legs. Just keep in mind to choose a seamless pantyhose if you are wearing open toe shoes.

A slit would make any long skirt or dress look interesting. If you will use a heavy fabric for your bridesmaid dress like jersey and peau de soie, the overall look might a little too gothic. A center slit will make for a simple fashion fix. Additionally, if you feel that the front center slit of your bridesmaid dress is too high, simply stitch it up to a level that will be comfortable for you.

Try a simple look by refraining from wearing bulky accessories, elaborate shoes or any distracting elements that may draw attention away from your front center slit bridesmaid dress. Let the front center slit be the focus and tone down the rest of your look. Simple jewelry or accessories can do wonders on your appearance.

If you are not confident to show off your legs but still want to wear a front center slit bridesmaid dress, you can opt for a split that will provide only a peek at your leg when you are standing. When sitting, you can cross your legs to show only a little skin or you can wear a bronzer or concealer to hide any imperfections. The higher the heel of your shoes, the longer your legs would look in a front center slit bridesmaid dress.

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