Full Skirt Silhouette Bridesmaid Dresses

Choosing the right wedding attire is important for the success of any wedding occasion. A full skirt bridesmaid dress is one of the best choices to wear to showcase a bridesmaid’s beauty.

The full skirt style adds drama and dimension to a dress. It is an attention grabbing style because of the volume of the skirt. Full skirted dress is flattering for all bridesmaids. Depending on its make and mode, the full skirt dress gives the bridesmaids a warm, flirty and stylish look. [Continue reading..]

#LEVKOFF Bridesmaid Dress Style 7013

Style 7013

The full skirt style is flattering to most silhouettes and can be dressed up or down. The waistband of a full skirt bridesmaid dress typically cinches at the bridesmaid’s waist and the skirt falling down gracefully to her knee.

Full skirted dress is the most iconic dress style during the 1950s. It was commonly used for different occasions such as formal evening events, family gatherings and weddings. The original design of a full skirt dress featured a fitted bodice with a very full circle or gathered skirt ballooning out from the natural waistline of the woman.

Full Skirt Bridesmaid Dress Styles

Designs of full skirt bridesmaid dresses differ in styles, types and shapes. Some full skirted bridesmaid dresses are short and long and some designs are narrow and wide.

Traditionally, full skirts are mid-length, ending just below the knee or at the middle of the calf. For modern full skirt bridesmaid dress, there are two lengths of full skirt. The short length, which ends just below the knee, and the longer mid-calf sheath that ends between the ankle and the knee. The short length style is the type of skirt that has a kick pleat half way up the thigh. It was the easiest length to walk in.

Meanwhile, the longer style has decorative kick pleat that somehow restricts the leg movement of the bridesmaid. Gliding in small steps like a geisha was about all you could do in them.

However, the conservative length of the longer style makes it extremely versatile, depending on the fabric and the print. This style of full skirt dress can also be worn to religious and family occasions and even to formal evening events. The longer style of full skirt bridesmaid dress can be worn by bridesmaids of all ages and body shapes.

Choosing a full skirt bridesmaid dress that is the right length for you can make all the difference when it comes to looking stylish. When deciding on the length of a full skirt bridesmaid dress, consider a skirt that finishes at the slimmest part of your leg.

Avoid full skirt bridesmaid dress that are too long as they can overwhelm your figure. The type of material your full skirt bridesmaid dress is made of can drastically affect your overall look. Using silky, swishy skirts can be quite girly while stiffer fabrics can make you look more modern. For fall, it should be heavier fabrics such as chiffon, leather looking fabrics and wool.

Wear accessories that will complement the dress and not draw attention away from the dress or distract from the occasion.

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