Hi-lo Hem Silhouette Bridesmaid Dresses

If a fun and trendy bridesmaid dress is what you are searching for, a hi-lo hem bridesmaid dress might be the perfect option. The hi-lo hem bridesmaid dress is the perfect style for the indecisive bridesmaid. If you cannot decide between a long or short dress, this fabulous style will prove the ideal compromise.

A hi-lo hem bridesmaid dress is a great alternative to full length gowns. A dress with a hi-lo hem means that the hem in the front is shorter than the hem at the back. This style is also known as asymmetrical, waterfall and mullet. [Continue reading..]

Bridesmaid Dress Style 1200

Style 1200

Advantages of the Hi-lo Hem Bridesmaid Dress

With the hi-lo hem, you will have a beautiful traditional silhouette of a long bridesmaid dress while standing by the bride’s side at the wedding ceremony, and the fun party style of the short hemline in the front while celebrating at the wedding reception.

The short front hem of this style helps you move more easily without constantly struggling and picking up your floor length gown. The long hem at the back looks very classy and elegant while the front hem gives that very sexy vibe.

If you have a petite frame and you wish to have the look of a long gown but afraid that it will engulf your small frame, a hi-lo hem bridesmaid dress would give you that elegant look that you have always wanted and will also help in elongating your small frame. Choose a style that would not just elongate your frame but would also highlight your best assets. Additionally, hi-lo hem dresses are perfect for showing off high heeled shoes.

Styles and Tips:

Charmeuse, chiffon and other lustrous soft fabrics look great with the hi-lo hem dresses. A soft and floaty fabric together with this style would create movement and dimension. A hi-lo hem that gradually falls to the ground will make you look alluring and sexy because it can also hide larger hips or create the illusion of curves on a narrow frame.

The hi-lo hem is also a bold and modern approach to the ball gown. Think of a ball gown with a short hem at the front. This silhouette is very fashion forward and dramatic in style.

There are also designs that are tailored to define the waistline which will create a slimming silhouette. Hi-lo hem bridesmaid dresses come in any length. If you wanted to show off your long legs there is a style that is a miniskirt at the front and a ball gown at the back.

But if you are not comfortable with your thighs and just love the look of a hi-lo hem bridesmaid dress to show off your shoes, a tea length that smoothly turns into a floor length gown would be perfect.

The hi-lo hem bridesmaid dress comes also in more formal styles and is ideal for many kinds of wedding. You can wear a hi lo hem dress for a beach wedding or any type of semi-formal wedding.

The hi-lo hem bridesmaid dress is a beautiful compromise for the ladies who want to standout in a sexy short dress while still enjoying the elegance and glamour of a long gown. Whatever your shape, a hi-lo hem bridesmaid dress will complement your body type.

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