Illusion Back Silhouette Bridesmaid Dresses

Illusion back bridesmaid dresses are perfect for bridesmaids who desire a style that is a little flirty but still looks classy. These dresses offer timeless elegance that every bridesmaid is sure to love. The illusion back bridesmaid dress features a unique see through back which are made from sheer materials like lace, tulle or mesh. Many bridesmaids have the misconception that illusion back bridesmaid dresses have to be plain and see through. Consequently this is not the case, since this silhouette can also feature elaborate and elegant designs just like any other dress. [Continue reading..]

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Style 1204

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There are demure yet sexy tattoo lace which can be used for an illusion back bridesmaid dress. Exquisitely embroidered detailing is used in this design to create patterns. The lace fabric combined with the illusion back style gives the look of a bare back, while the embroidered lace looks like it is tattooed at the back.

The most common style for an illusion back bridesmaid dress is the floral patterned lace that gives the illusion back a soft feminine touch. The variations of embroidery used include laser cut embroidery, vintage embroidery and crystallized embroidery. Bridesmaids surely appreciate these features as they contribute to the amazing detail with which these dresses are made.

Three dimensional or 3D appliques are not necessarily new, but they are definitely a big hit. One of the most popular is the three dimensional floral element. These 3D flowers give a somewhat plain illusion back dress a whimsical turn. Gorgeous 3D flowers can make a bridesmaid look like a princess in a mystical garden.

The illusion back bridesmaid dress with buttons look awesome. This style varies from a lace back with different embellishments that are highlighted even more with a row of tiny buttons to an illusion sheer back with just a row of buttons for decor. If comfort means a lot to bridesmaids, they can always get a zip up back covered with buttons. These buttons can be made from pearls, beads, rhinestones and some are even covered with fabric. The buttons add an eye catching detail and make the back of a bridesmaid dress look gorgeous. Some bridesmaids only choose illusion back just to highlight the beauty of these buttons.

Pearls, rhinestones, beads and Swarovski crystals are also used as embellishments. These adornments are used to add intricate details to the embroidered lace. However, there are some designs that only use gemstones and crystals to create the artistic patterns.

Show off some skin and make a fierce statement with an asymmetrical illusion back. Asymmetrical in illusion back can be in patterns or cuts. An asymmetrical cut is commonly used in one shoulder.

Another great variation of this silhouette is an illusion racerback. The sheer would make it easier for bridesmaids to wear and they would not have to worry about wardrobe malfunction.

Meanwhile, the neckline for an illusion back bridesmaid dress can be a sheer panel of fabric like lace, tulle, organza or other netted fabric. This neckline style shows just enough skin to make the overall look an attractive fusion of modern and conservative styles.

Bridesmaids can choose a high neckline style for their illusion back bridesmaid dresses or they can try the V-neck. However, some bridesmaids may find the netted fabrics used to form the neckline as uncomfortable or scratchy. To avoid discomfort, use soft well, made lace or netted fabric.

Illusion back bridesmaid dresses vary from subtle cut to an extra sharp V cut that hits as low as the hips. The silhouette creates the most dramatic statement and it is modest enough for a church wedding and breezy enough for a destination wedding.

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