Mermaid Silhouette Bridesmaid Dresses

A mermaid bridesmaid dress is one of the sexiest and most timeless dress types in modern weddings. The mermaid bridesmaid dress is a silhouette that is contoured to the body and emphasizes a bridesmaid’s figure. The dress is fitted through the bust, hips and waist and then flairs out at the knees. A mermaid bridesmaid dress is best suited for women with an hourglass figure.

Tips Wearing Mermaid Bridesmaid Dresses

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When wearing a mermaid bridesmaid dress, you must use seamless undergarments. Do not plan on wearing lingerie that may show any visible lines as it will take away from the look of your mermaid bridesmaid dress.

A mermaid bridesmaid dress has a figure fitting bodice so it would be ideal that you get into a physical fitness program to get those curves ready for the dress. When fitting your mermaid bridesmaid dress, do not stand with your feet together as the style limits the movements of your feet and legs. Try to move around and see if you are comfortable walking or dancing in it.

The mermaid bridesmaid dress can support almost all types of necklines and sleeve lengths. The dress is alluring by design so even if you want to go with a high neck or long sleeves, it will still create a captivating. When planning to show off some skin then choose a strapless neckline or a halter with a revealing V-neck to highlight your seductive side.

How to Accessorize Mermaid Bridesmaid Dresses

A mermaid bridesmaid dress design can range from simple to fancy and often features lace and ruffles. However, most of the mermaid bridesmaid dresses are on the simpler side.

There are many accessories that add style and beauty to the dress. During summer weddings, you can add a sheer cloak to your mermaid bridesmaid dress. Choose a cloak that fits over the shoulders and falls at about elbow length. The cloak will add charm to your overall look.

Another accessory you can add to your mermaid bridesmaid dress is a belt. If you choose a simple design for your mermaid bridesmaid dress then you can add color and style to the dress with a belt. You can choose a belt according to your personal to create a unique look. Additionally, gloves will provide a touch of old fashioned glamour to your mermaid bridesmaid dress and will balance your arms out with a strapless style.

Jewelry can also play a big part to your overall look in a mermaid bridesmaid dress. You do not have to settle for dainty chains and studs and you can be as daring as you like. For a strapless mermaid bridesmaid dress, an elaborate necklace will show off your neck. Just remember to follow the basic principles when choosing a jewelry.

To complete your look, put on a pair of high heeled shoes. The most recommended shoes for a mermaid bridesmaid dress is a sexy strappy stilettos or an embellished peeped toe. Whatever shoe style you choose just make sure that you are comfortable standing and walking in them.

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