Slight Train Silhouette Bridesmaid Dresses

The swoosh and movement in the slight train bridesmaid dress is a sight to behold. The slight train, which is called the sweep or brush, is the shortest train and it barely grazes the floor.

The slight train bridesmaid dress trails about six inches and is a good choice for bridesmaids who want a train with their dress without too much fabric dragging on the floor or worrying about tripping over. The slight train bridesmaid dress is also ideal for indoor weddings that are simple and low key. [Continue reading..]

Bridesmaid Dress Style 774

Style 774

Having a train for your bridesmaid dresses will add formality as well as a touch of majesty to your wedding. Your bridesmaids will look and feel almost regal and princess like as they walk down the aisle in their slight train bridesmaid dress.

The slight train is also a good way to differentiate your bridesmaids’ dresses. The silhouette will make a dramatic accent to the bridesmaid dress, especially during wedding pictures, when the trains swirl all around the bridesmaids.

The slight train bridesmaid dress became popular in the 21st century among minimalist brides who wanted the benefits of a train for their bridal party without sacrificing the comfort. The length of a slight train bridesmaid dress makes this style versatile as it can also be worn in other occasions and seasons, from proms to galas all year round.

Tips on Choosing a Slight Train Bridesmaid Dress

When choosing a train, it is recommended that the bridesmaid do a lap or two around the store to see how the train drapes behind her and how comfortable she feels walking in it. Have someone take a picture from the back so that you can see how the train looks behind you.

Bridesmaids can opt to bustle their slight train bridesmaid dress. It is popular to use a bustle in wedding wear to add grace and stylishness as bridesmaids walk down the aisle. The bustle is used to lift the train of the gown off the floor, either by means of ties or buttons to create an attractive bouffant style that is very practical. Adding a bustle to a slight train bridesmaid dress will make walking and dancing easier as well as keep the hemline of the gown cleaner.

Detachable trains are also popular in wedding outfits. Detachable trains are fastened with hooks, buttons, snaps or Velcro. The slight train bridesmaid dress is short enough that a bridesmaid can opt not to have a bustle and instead have a loop attached to her train to slip around her wrist for dancing.

Slight Train Bridesmaid Dress and Styles

There are many bridesmaid dress styles that look great with a slight train. The universal figure flattering style of an A-line dress, features a skirt that gradually flares out from a fitted bodice. The A-line is also known as the princess silhouette because the style was popularized by Princess Grace of Monaco. The style flares out starting below the natural waist, and often made with a slightly heavier fabric making it conducive in retaining the structure and maintain an attractive look for a slight train bridesmaid dress.

The empire silhouette is defined by its waistline which is positioned directly under the bust where it meets the skirt. The style features a fitted bodice with a loosely draped or flared skirt.

The fit and flare silhouette closely hugs the body from the bodice down to the hip, with the skirt gradually flaring away. The mermaid bridesmaid dress typically features a slight train. The style is a good choice for flaunting feminine curves as it tightly hugs the contours of the body from the bodice to knee, where the skirt starts to dramatically flare away from the body as it falls down to the hem. The slight train bridesmaid dress in a mermaid style is a perfect blend of glamour and sexiness.

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