Capri Bridesmaid Dresses

Bring in the soft blue sky tone into your wedding with a capri bridesmaid dress. The captivating color of capri was inspired by the radiance of the Blue Grotto sea caves located on the island of Capri in southern Italy.

The capri color is a kind of blue that is memorizing and thought provoking. Capri is a unique choice of color for your bridesmaid dress, and can be complemented with jewel tones. Pair the capri bridesmaid dresses with a white sash, a pearl choker or silver accessories. [Continue reading..]

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Style 7031

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Style 7001

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Style 7002

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Style 7003

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Style 7004

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Style 7006

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Style 7007

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Style 7009

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Style 7010

Capri Bridesmaid Dress Materials and Fabrics

Choosing a capri bridesmaid dress becomes simpler if you know beforehand the style that you want, the season, cut, drape and structure before finalizing the dress material. A perfect wedding outfit is organized with combination of various materials.

Usually, the portions like bodice and underlays are made of strongly structured materials while overlay and skirts would look best in softer and flowing fabrics. Different fabrics create different expressions in capri bridesmaid dresses of similar style.

Satin, which is a form of silk, is considered the perfect material for structured, ruched, draped and ball gowns. Satin is suited for most body types because of its smooth finish. Satin’s considerable weight makes it ideal for weddings in cool weather. However, a satin capri bridesmaid dress creases easily so it is recommended to bring a steamer or iron in the bridal emergency kit.

Chiffon is ideal for layers and overlays as it is a light material. It is soft and sheer but without any sheen. Because of the weightlessness of chiffon, it creates a flow to a capri bridesmaid dress in drape style. Chiffon fabric is a good choice for warmer weather weddings.

Velvet has a soft texture but kind of a heavy fabric. It has a soft felt surface and a plain interior. A velvet capri bridesmaid dress has a warm appeal ideal for winter weddings. Crush velvet is one of the trendiest bridesmaid dresses.

Tulle is a very light fabric, and dressmakers term it as air fabric. This net like material is often confused with net fabric and is commonly used for wedding veils because of its light weight. There are choices of silk tulle and illusion tulle which can be used in different styles. Tulle is ideal for ballerina style capri bridesmaid dress.

Lace is the material that fairy tale wedding dreams are made of. Lace an open weave fabric for embellishing wedding outfits. The common uses of lace are in overlays, sleeves and as a neckline inset. The material is covered with flowers, open holes and other attractive details. There are different types of lace such as Chantilly which has more defined edges, the heavy texture Venise ideal for winter weddings and Alencon with net base and decorative motives.

Charmeuse gives out a classy look with its sheen and shine. Sleek and slinky, charmeuse is best for column style capri bridesmaid dress. The soft material is ideal for a fit and flattering capri bridesmaid dress and would look best on hourglass figure or for bridesmaids who want to have a curvy look.

Are you planning a summer wedding? Then you have the best fabric in voile for your capri bridesmaid dresses. The material is soft and breathable and has a semi sheer look that is suited for summer and informal weddings.

Another fabric that is good for summer and casual weddings is rayon. The material is airy and lightweight, a perfect alternative to silk. It is ideal for an A-line silhouette and sheath capri bridesmaid dress.

For a more glamorous and embellished bridesmaid dress, try the brocade fabric. It has raised pattern and is also available in various elegant prints. Brocade is best suited for A-line and ball gown style capri bridesmaid dresses for winter weddings.

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