Illusion Silhouette Bridesmaid Dresses

An illusion bridesmaid dress is an attractive alternative to some of the traditional styles of bridesmaid dresses. The illusion style will give you the opportunity to show off some of your best features.

Illusion bridesmaid dresses are made with different types of fabrics such as lace, mesh or sheer fabric that allows your body to be seen through the fabric to give the illusion of exposed skin. Illusion dresses are one of the hottest trends today in bridal wear. This is a style that has captured the interest of brides as well as bridesmaids. [Continue reading..]

Bridesmaid Dress Style 1403

Style 1403

Bridesmaid Dress Style 1203

Style 1203

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Style 1204

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Style 1214

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Style 1164

Bridesmaid Dress Style 1165

Style 1165

One of the reasons why illusion bridesmaid dresses are popular among brides is because it can imitate the look of nude skin but still be covered. An illusion bridesmaid dress can recreate certain style elements such as strapless, one shoulder or backless look without the fear of wardrobe malfunction.

Illusion bridesmaid dresses have different designs that varies from stunning long dresses to formal long gowns with sheer mesh inserts that create low cut necklines. There are glamorous illusion dresses that will turn heads as you waltz by and styles that are designed to flatter every body shape and show off just enough skin to get you noticed. Moreover, there is a wide selection of detailed embroidery and beautiful embellishments to further enhance the dress.

Fabrics and Styles for an Illusion Bridesmaid Dress

Beautiful sheer fabrics are used to create romantic and dramatic designs for all types of illusion bridesmaid dresses. The illusion effects help create innovative designs that give each dress a unique look.

The versatility of lace makes it ideal for illusion bridesmaid dresses. There are lace gowns in brilliant colors, stylish dresses with lace detailing and seductive illusion cut out dresses with lace bodices. There are few materials that can work within so many style perspectives as lace. Whether you are looking for a classic bridesmaid gown or a glamorous cocktail dress there is always a lace bridesmaid dress that will suit your desired style.

Sheer mesh panels have become the backdrop for rows of delicate buttons, lace, jewels and embroidery. Whether you want romantic or elegant, modest or sexy, there is an illusion bridesmaid dress to fit your mood.

Mesh can be ordered to match your skin tone, much like hosiery, so you can choose something that will appear nearly invisible. You can also opt for a soft cream, ivory or white color to match your dress. The illusion would not fool the eye but it will soften the look of your gown and give it a discreet look.

Select the right mesh for your skin tone and you can pull off the appearance of a strapless gown that would not slip or require adjustments. You could even have a gown that appears backless.

There are also illusion details that include a variety of nude color backdrops so that wearing a bra is less of an issue. Furthermore, there are illusions that have floating embroidery or a simple column of buttons that appear magically suspended.

You can also design the dress of your dream using bridesmaid separates, starting with a bodysuit top, ball gown skirt and belt. It is also a great option for quick changes when going from formal ceremony to cocktail reception. Whatever style you choose, you can never go wrong with an illusion bridesmaid dress.

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