Champagne Bridesmaid Dresses

The champagne bridesmaid dress is timeless and neutral. The neutrality of this bridesmaid dress produces a perfect blend with many types of color palettes, making it a very popular style in weddings. The pale shade of champagne bridesmaid dresses conveys elegance and sophistication.

Traditionally, white is the preferred color of many brides on their wedding day. However, if you are a bride to be who want to deviate from the tradition and would prefer gowns of color, you can find a perfect alternative in champagne. [Continue reading..]

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There are different variations in the champagne color. They are the medium shade, the deep and dark tones. In 1999, present day famous fashion designer and ex Spice Girl, Victoria Beckham wore a champagne dress on her wedding day to David Beckham. The gown featured a 20-foot train which was designed by Vera Wang. Since the late 1990’s the earth tone color has steadily increased in popularity.

The Off White Color

Out of the color spectrum, champagne did not see its first use until the early 1900’s. Champagne the color is derived from numerous pale shades of orange and yellows giving a similar tone to beige. The similarity to the color of the beverage is how its name was earned as champagne is the drink of celebration especially at weddings.

Complementing a Champagne Bridesmaid Dress

Champagne beige is an alternative to consider as a tone-down version of the ginger ale color. This faint and light color works well with off-white, ivory or vintage shades. As the color is similar to a light shade of tan, you can readily complement champagne beige with colors in the brown family including caramel and chocolate.

Additionally, combining champagne beige with light shades of pink, deep shades of peach and green and spring green creates a look that is beautifully unique. Planning a beach wedding? Then make your bridesmaids look fabulous by pairing their champagne dresses with hats and shoes in either chocolate or caramel to complement the wedding’s location.

Equally, ivory and chocolate would also look good paired with pink champagne. Powder blue and pink champagne would create a dreamy, serene and soft look while dark shades of blue will contrast attractively. The pink champagne comes out as a cool color thus, you can pair it with darker pink hues such as fuchsia to create a warm balance.

In the red family, you can choose burgundy, wine and crimson to combine with pink champagne. If you plan to have a garden wedding, create a look that is appropriate for the setting by accenting the pink champagne-colored dresses of your bridesmaids with fuchsia or ivory in their sashes or bouquets.

When choosing the champagne-colored fabrics, go for satin or silk which has a sheen to avoid making the dresses look bland and flat. Natural metallic are also perfect accents on champagne-colored dresses.

Beware of this Pairing with Your Champagne Bridesmaid Dress

One thing to keep in mind is to avoid pairing champagne with yellow gold, which tends to look loud and overpowering, as the colors clashes with each other.

The champagne color has yellowish-orange tints and it is so pale that it resembles beige. When deciding on coordinating colors for a champagne-colored dress, it is advisable to identify the undertones of the type of shade you prefer. A dusky lavender complements red undertones. A moss green works well in a champagne with a bluish undertone.

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