Charcoal Bridesmaid Dresses

Give your wedding a unique touch by opting for a charcoal bridesmaid dress. Planning a memorable wedding does not mean sticking with traditional ideas and styles.

The color charcoal is a variation of gray, similar to the dark gray found in burned wood. The charcoal color is neutral which makes it a perfect complement for almost all colors such as warm citrus hues, pinks and bright whites.

Charcoal Bridesmaid Dress Complementary Colors

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Bridesmaid Dress Style 1563

Style 1563

Charcoal bridesmaid dresses do not have to be boring. The charcoal shade is a softer alternative to black, but with all the same chic style and formality. Charcoal is a versatile color that can be worn in many different ways. Additionally, charcoal bridesmaid dresses can accessorized in various colors.

Charcoal bridesmaid dresses look great with soft pastel colors such as pink and baby blue. You can use a pink sash or adorn the dress with baby blue trimmings. You can also combine the charcoal color with white or add shades of bright colors for a fresh and modern look.

For a soft romantic and classical look, bridesmaids may accessorize their hair with pink clips or carry with them a bouquet of pink roses. Sophisticated and mysterious is the look that you can achieve by simply complementing your charcoal bridesmaid dresses with dark green. You can even make the look more striking by adding white or play with the different hues of charcoal. Finish the look with gray or silver high heeled shoes or pumps.

Lime greens are also perfect pair for a charcoal dress. A necklace with lime green accent will bring out the color of the charcoal bridesmaid dresses.

Charcoal Bridesmaid Dresses and Shoes

Shoes are important accessories for charcoal bridesmaid dresses. There is no question that the color charcoal suits any style of bridesmaid dress. Finding the right shoes for a certain style of bridesmaid dress will help you achieve the look that you want for your bridal party.

Choose the shoe color that matches the charcoal bridesmaid dress instead of colors that compete with the outfit. Simple black heels are ideal for a bridesmaid dress with a bright and bold pattern. If the dress is adorned with sequins or glitters, opt for neutral or nude heels.

Pairing a red heel with charcoal bridesmaid dresses would add a pop color to the ensemble. Try to avoid one solid color from head to toe. A charcoal bridesmaid dress does not usually look good when paired with the same color shoes.

Stiletto heels would help elongate the legs of bridesmaids so pair them with a charcoal bridesmaid dress with side slit, A line or short style. The stiletto creates an illusion of added length which will make the legs of a bridesmaid more slender.

Petite bridesmaids would be better off avoiding the heels with T straps or ankle straps. The strap style has the tendency to create a look of shorter legs. Square toed or oval shaped heels suit those who have large feet while pointy heels would only make the feet look even bigger.

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