Off-Center Pleats Silhouette Bridesmaid Dresses

The off center pleats bridesmaid dress is an ideal choice for a classy wedding bridal wear. Off center pleats bridesmaid dresses are sure to impress. From skinny knife pleats to wide paneled pleats, folds and pleats are no longer just for preppy school girl skirts.

The off center pleats silhouette is also a favorite for evening gowns, party attire and wedding dresses. The off center pleats can add a polished touch to any dress to making it look classier. Off center pleats add detail to the bridesmaid dress as well as flattering large build body types. The silhouette effortlessly bridges vintage and modern to create a new look. [Continue reading..]

Bridesmaid Dress Style 1201

Style 1201

Off center pleats give the sheath dress more movement and body. Additionally, the off center pleats help to give the skirt a belled silhouette which is perfect for a retro bridesmaid gown. In some cases, off center pleats add ease of wear to the bridesmaid dress too.

Bridesmaids with larger legs, or those carrying extra weight in their midsection, or those with a broad upper body, will benefit from a pleated bridesmaid dress as it will help balance out your appearance. The off center pleats bridesmaid dress may actually help you look slimmer. One to two pleats will sufficiently achieve this effect.

Off Center Pleats for Bridesmaid Dress Types

There are different kinds of off center pleats for bridesmaid dresses. Knife pleats are the most common type. Knife pleats are sharp, crisp folds which run down the entire length of the pleat and they all face the same direction. Accordion pleats look similar to knife pleats but are facing opposite directions. These pleats are trickier to make than knife pleats and are seldom used in wedding garments.

On the other hand, boxed pleats are pleats that are folded to meet at the top while the rest of the pleat remains open. They are frequently used for fitting purposes, such as on the backs of jackets, and they can be used instead of gathers. Chiffon and georgette are ideal fabrics for pleated dresses. If pure fabrics are used, pleats appear more attractive.

Tips on Wearing an Off Center Pleats Bridesmaid Dress

For bridesmaids with full hips and thighs, the ideal bridesmaid dress is one with fit and flare shapes that have inverted pleats or have knife or crystal pleats down the middle. These choices flatter the hips without bulking them up. Folds on the bodice help even out curves below. Avoid pleated dress that have accordion, knife, and box pleats that begin at the waist. They tend to pull open, making the body look wider.

If you want to cover up a tummy bulge, look for an off center pleats bridesmaid dress that have bias pleats across the torso, an accordion A-line shift, or an Empire waist with crystal pleats which minimize midsection bumps. They can also help draw the eye to other assets, like strong arms or sexy legs. Avoid bridesmaid dress with pleats that begin at the fullest part of the midsection because they highlight the stomach.

If you have a large bust, look for an off center pleats bridesmaid dress with box pleats or bias pleats that are below the waist to balance the chest. Bias pleats just under the bust provide shape. Avoid trapeze or shifts cuts that hide the waist. Additionally, straight pleats directly over the breasts add volume.

If you have a straight figure, look for an off center pleats bridesmaid dress with defined waist style and pleats running over the hip and bust areas to give the illusion of curviness. Bridesmaid dresses with layers of pleated fabric also add dimension to a straight body. Avoid dresses that have plain bodices with an inverted or box pleat skirt which can make a figure look squarish.

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