Coral Bridesmaid Dresses

The amazing thing about a coral bridesmaid dress is that the color can be similar to pink, peach, red or orange. The delightful and attractive color of coral is a good choice to complement a bridal gown.

The coral color will definitely work for any woman who wants to have a beautiful dress either for a wedding, party, a bridal shower or for a reception dinner. The color will remind you of summer because it exudes warmth and radiance. [Continue reading..]

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The coral color was inspired by the colorless marine animal that inhabits the ocean floor. It has a kaleidoscope of colors including orange and red. Because the coral color is an amalgamation of different shades, it is never difficult to find colors that would go with it. It is a versatile shade that can be used in any wedding season.

Basically, a coral color is perfect for summer or spring weddings. Alternatively, the darker hues of coral can be used to create a warm feel in fall weddings. The versatility of the color means that many color choices can be a good match for it including neutrals and primary shades.

Coral bridesmaid dresses look refreshing when accented with somber grey and teal. For a romantic combination, pink and raspberry are good match with coral while navy blue and coral are perfect for rustic outdoor weddings.

Fabrics for Coral Bridesmaid Dresses

Now that you have made a choice to use the coral color for your bridesmaid dresses, it is time to decide on the fabric. As you shop for your bridesmaids dresses you will come across the many types of fabrics. It pays to know what your choices are to make an informed decision.

The plain woven chiffon is lightweight and transparent in appearance. The cloth is made from silk which gives out a shimmering texture that is quite appealing. It has considerable strength despite its light weight.

The chiffon fabric gives a flowing and floating appearance to a bridesmaid dress. You can use this fabric for long coral bridesmaid dresses or as a layer or overlay. Take a hint from singer Taylor Swift who wore a blush pink chiffon gown with cap sleeve and hand-embroidered bodice at her best friend’s wedding.

A structured coral bridesmaid dress is the best use for a satin fabric. The fabric is durable and has a smooth finish. Satin is the ideal choice for draped or ball gowns. Cooler weddings make the best use this fabric as it is thicker and durable. It also fits almost all body types.

Meanwhile, lace comes in various styles and best worn as an overlay or detail. Incorporating lace into a bridesmaid dress creates a look of femininity. Coupled with statement jewels, the total look is classy and dramatic. However, the open weave of the lace makes the fabric susceptible to snags.

The open weave and sheerness of the tulle fabric makes it ideal for a ball gown style coral bridesmaid dress. It gives a diaphanous and airy feeling but can be structured by ruching. Lastly, organza is a favorite choice for warmer weather weddings because of its sheerness and weightless feel. It is similar to chiffon in texture but far stiffer. But be aware that this fabric is also delicate and prone to snags and pulls.

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