Cornflower Bridesmaid Dresses

Make that special day in your life a truly memorable experience with cornflower bridesmaid dresses. The cornflower is not only a great choice of color for your bridesmaid dresses but also for your wedding setting. The cornflower color is a shade of medium to light blue and was one of the favorite colors of Johannes Vermeer, a Dutch painter during the Golden Age era.

The cornflower is a unique choice of color for bridesmaid dresses. Cornflower bridesmaid dresses are becoming a trend in many weddings. Actress Rachel McAdams was stunning in her cornflower blue halter bridesmaid dress at the wedding of her sister. She complemented her cornflower bridesmaid dress with a pair of golden stilettos. [Continue reading..]

Flower Girl Dress Style 111501

Style 111501

Flower Girl Dress Style 116101

Style 116101

Flower Girl Dress Style 116501

Style 116501

Flower Girl Dress Style 121401

Style 121401

Flower Girl Dress Style 121801

Style 121801

Flower Girl Dress Style 126701

Style 126701

Flower Girl Dress Style 15401

Style 15401

Flower Girl Dress Style 33401

Style 33401

The cornflower color is a hue that demands attention and is suitable for all body types and dress silhouettes. A cornflower bridesmaid dress is a favorite choice for a day wedding and bridesmaids can even wear it with nude heels.

Cornflower Bridesmaid Dress Cuts

Shopping for the right cornflower bridesmaid dress is easier once you have armed yourself with the right knowledge of which dress cuts will be suitable for you. Choosing the right style would make you feel good in wearing the dress and give you the confidence that will show in the way you carry yourself on the wedding day.

An empire style has a waist that is above your natural waistline, right below the bust. This style creates a silhouette that is both flattering and attractive particularly if you want to disguise your belly area or to emphasize your bust.

The Basque or dropped V waist cut cornflower bridesmaid dress features a fitted V or U shaped waist. The V or U waistline shape emphasizes the hips by giving an elongated contour illusion. The V or U shape can plunge below your natural waistline or can feature a wide waistband, softly pleated below the knee skirt and fitted bodice. If you are curvy, have wide hips or a short waist, then this style is a perfect fit for you.

The Basque cut has evolved since its first appearance in the fashion world in 1923 with a long silhouette, closely fitted sleeves and tight bodice that made it difficult for the dress to be slipped over the head. In the 1950’s, the Basque cut waist dress came in full circle skirts.

Bridesmaids love the princess cut cornflower bridesmaid dress with its fitted bodice that tapers at the waist and flows freely down. If you are a pear body shape or an apple figure, then the princess cut is right for you because it does not hug the stomach or the midsection area. The linear panels of this cut produce a slimming effect and draw attention lengthwise down the seams of the cornflower bridesmaid dress.

The popular image that comes to mind when you hear the word halter is a sundress style that ties around the neck and exposes a great amount of shoulder skin. The halter cut is synonymous to sexiness as it helps define the bust as well as the shoulders. A backless halter cornflower bridesmaid dress is ideal for a beach or casual wedding. If you want this cut to be more formal, you can use a chiffon or satin fabric and add some embellishments. A halter cut is usually secured with a tie at the back of the neck and the waistline.

The relaxed style of the revel cut makes it an ideal choice for a casual or summer wedding. The swingy silhouette fits comfortably without being too tight or fitted. The revel cut gives the illusion of curves and is a perfect example of an edgy and sophisticated style.

Curvy bridesmaids look great in a wrap cut. This flattering silhouette is a timeless style that cleverly accentuates and lifts the bust, slims the waist and reduces the hip to create an hourglass body shape. If you have a willowy body figure, you can adjust the wrap cornflower bridesmaid dress to create curves.

The body hugging mermaid style conforms perfectly with any bodice and neckline style. Choose a cornflower bridesmaid dress with a long sleeve design and a high boat neckline to create a sensual and alluring accent on your body.

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