Square Neck Neckline Bridesmaid Dresses

The square neck bridesmaid dress is a modest style that provides a sophisticated frame to the décolletage without being unnecessarily revealing. The square neck bridesmaid dress is characterized by three linear edges, with the bottom edge meeting the side edges all at right angles. The bottom edge of the dress cuts across the chest horizontally while the side edges are over the shoulders.

The square neck bridesmaid dress features several interesting styles. One of the most common styles is the tube which also referred to as strapless. The strapless square neck dress does not have any straps or sleeves. This is an ideal style for a bridesmaid who wants to show off her neck, collarbones, shoulders and a little décolletage. Because this square neck style is strapless, it has a tendency to fall off the body. While a strapless square neck dress may have this disadvantage, this style is one of the most common and loved dresses by bridesmaids. [Continue reading..]

Bridesmaid Dress Style 1454

Style 1454

Another style is the square neck bridesmaid dress with spaghetti straps. The most common design of this style is the high square neck dress. This neckline style has spaghetti straps while its horizontal line sits just below the collarbones. This is an ideal style for a conservative bridesmaid.

Meanwhile, the sleeved square neck dress has its own different styles. The sleeves of this dress have different styles and lengths. There is a square neck bridesmaid dress with three quarter sleeves as well as a style that has off the shoulder sleeves.

Usually, a square neck bridesmaid dress has an open back or a backless design, which makes the sleeved square neck dress an ideal choice for a bridesmaid who wants to show off her back. The position of the line above the bust also varies. There are some bridesmaid dresses with a low square neck that shows a little cleavage, while some designs do not

History of Square Neck Design

The square neck bridesmaid dress had been featured in various formal and informal styles throughout the years. The formal or informal feature of an outfit usually depends on which type of bodices, sleeves and fabrics are used on the garment.

The square neck was a popular design in women’s gowns during the late 18th century and early 19th century. It is often combined with shirred empire bodices and ruffled cap sleeves. This style of the square neck bridesmaid dress is alternatively referred to as a Regency dress.

Many of the female characters in the literary works of Jane Austen were portrayed in the Regency style of dresses in illustrations and later films based on her work. Dresses with square necklines during the Regency period were worn in combination with a sheer fabric like a shawl or scarf draped around the neck and tucked into the bust area to avoid displaying too much skin. Fine muslin was often crafted to create white Regency dresses and were worn as wedding dresses.

Since then, the square neck has remained a standard option for necklines. The popularity of the square neck style was revived when the baby doll dress with the empire waist became fashionable. During the 1990’s, the square neck was featured on ribbed women’s cotton shirts. Since the beginning of the new millennia, the square neck has become a popular choice in both men and women’s fashions.

A square neck bridesmaid dress is basically suitable for almost all body types, but it is best recommended for bridesmaids with narrow shoulders to help give the shoulders a broader look. The neckline style is also recommended for bridesmaids with a round face because the horizontal line of the square neck helps in balancing out the roundness of the face.

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