Desert Grey Bridesmaid Dresses

Your bridesmaids will fall in love with the warm and neutral shade of a desert grey bridesmaid dress. As the name suggests, desert grey is a shade of grey which is similar to the color of the flat areas of a desert.

The desert grey color has a grey base so it emanates across as a cool and neutral color. Brides may complement desert grey bridesmaid dresses with additional colors to suit their wedding theme. Red, royal blue, yellow, black and green are just some of colors that can be paired well with desert grey color. You will be surprised by the striking expression created by pairing any of these colors with desert grey color.

Desert Grey Bridesmaid Dress Fabrics and Finishes

Another advantage of choosing a desert grey color is that the shade suits most fabrics and finishes. It is important that brides choose the right fabric and finishes for the style of desert grey bridesmaid dresses that they want. [Continue reading..]

#LEVKOFF Bridesmaid Dress Style 7031

Style 7031

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Style 7032

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Style 7034

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Style 7035

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Style 7037

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Style 7038

#LEVKOFF Bridesmaid Dress Style 7039

Style 7039

#LEVKOFF Bridesmaid Dress Style 7042

Style 7042

#LEVKOFF Bridesmaid Dress Style 7043

Style 7043

#LEVKOFF Bridesmaid Dress Style 7044

Style 7044

#LEVKOFF Bridesmaid Dress Style 7016

Style 7016

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Style 7017

#LEVKOFF Bridesmaid Dress Style 7019

Style 7019

#LEVKOFF Bridesmaid Dress Style 7020

Style 7020

#LEVKOFF Bridesmaid Dress Style 7021

Style 7021

#LEVKOFF Bridesmaid Dress Style 7022

Style 7022

#LEVKOFF Bridesmaid Dress Style 7023

Style 7023

#LEVKOFF Bridesmaid Dress Style 7025

Style 7025

#LEVKOFF Bridesmaid Dress Style 7026

Style 7026

#LEVKOFF Bridesmaid Dress Style 7001

Style 7001

#LEVKOFF Bridesmaid Dress Style 7002

Style 7002

#LEVKOFF Bridesmaid Dress Style 7003

Style 7003

#LEVKOFF Bridesmaid Dress Style 7004

Style 7004

#LEVKOFF Bridesmaid Dress Style 7006

Style 7006

#LEVKOFF Bridesmaid Dress Style 7007

Style 7007

#LEVKOFF Bridesmaid Dress Style 7009

Style 7009

#LEVKOFF Bridesmaid Dress Style 7010

Style 7010

#LEVKOFF Bridesmaid Dress Style 7012

Style 7012

Charmeuse is a fabric similar in sheen and drape to satin. However, unlike satin, charmeuse is lightweight and softer, its sheen a little muted and its drape more flowing. A charmeuse desert grey bridesmaid dress is ideal for formal or evening weddings. Avoid this kind of fabric if the wedding will be held outdoors in high heat as the sweat can show easily.

Satin is silky, soft and smooth to the touch and also lightweight. Satin is ideal for form-fitting styles because it drapes easily with the body. The fabric has a subtle sheen and lots of movements. Satin desert grey bridesmaid dresses are best for nighttime or formal weddings.

Lace has long been in fashion and it is a favorite in royal weddings. Lady Elizabeth Bowes Lyon married the Duke of York in 1923 wearing a lace ensemble from wedding gown to veil. Lace is made with either cotton, linen or silk threads. The fabric is very delicate so extra care is required when you choose a lace desert grey bridesmaid dress.

Chiffon will not cling to the body because the fabric is lightweight and flowing. Choose styles for desert grey bridesmaid dresses made with chiffon with lots of draping such as a bridesmaid dress with empire waists. Chiffon may require a drape of multiple layering because of the sheerness of the fabric. Additionally, chiffon is ideal for pastels and muted colors such as a desert grey because the fabric does not have a sheen which would allow delicate colors to be visible. Chiffon is light weight and cool to wear which makes it an ideal choice for daytime or outdoor events.

The cady fabric is a bit stretchy and can hold its shape well. The fabric has a minimal sheen and quite smooth to touch. You may use cady for desert grey bridesmaid dresses for casual and daytime weddings.

The feel and drape of georgette is similar to chiffon. However, georgette is slightly heavier and less sheer than chiffon. The cool and light fabric will be nice for bridesmaids to wear in daytime or outdoor weddings.

Voile is another fabric that has the draping effect but it gives out a subtle sheen and can be a bit heavy. Voile is slightly sheer and luminous and have more structure than chiffon so the fabric makes an ideal material for A line dresses or full skirts. A voile desert grey bridesmaid dress is an excellent choice for a casual wedding.

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