Glacier Bridesmaid Dresses

Light and warm to the eyes, a glacier bridesmaid dress is a perfect choice for brides who want their weddings to have a cool wintery look. The color glacier brings a feeling of youthfulness and serenity to any wedding event.

Fashion just loves the many variations of glacier color. Some of the trendy shades of glacier are the blue and gray. The cooling quality of glacier gray helps tone down pigmented shades including saturated blues and pinks. [Continue reading..]

Bridesmaid Dress Style 984

Style 984

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Style 165

Glacier blue was inspired by the bluish streaks in icebergs which was created by the refreezing of melted water. This deep rich blue color is the perfect choice to contrast with the bride’s white gown.

Using darker colored accessories such as dark blue or red really enhance the beauty of a glacier dress. Light colored accessories such as pastels create an understated elegance.

Several factors should be considered when choosing the style for a bridesmaid dress. One of them is the hour that the wedding would be held. A day wedding tends to be more casual so a knee length dress in a warmer material would be a good choice. Heavily sequined or beaded dress should be avoided.

For an evening wedding, a little sparkle on the dresses of bridesmaids would be nice. It should be understated as not to overshadow the real star of the night, the bride.

Tips for Choosing a Coordinated Glacier Bridesmaid Dress

It is important for a bride to have a coordinated bridal party so as to keep some consistency among the wedding participants. It makes sense that the style of a bridesmaid dress should not draw the attention away from the bride’s wedding gown.

Choose an element that would unify the style of bridesmaid dresses. It can be the fabric, neckline or length of the glacier bridesmaid dress. The unifying element can also be in the form of accessories such as matching hats or sash on the waist.

Another important item to coordinate is the fabric of the bridesmaid dresses. It would be incongruous to see some bridesmaids wearing chiffon gowns while others are in structured fabrics such as satin and taffeta. Remember to coordinate the length of the dresses with your choice of fabrics for a glacier bridesmaid dress. This is because some fabrics look better in certain lengths, while others produce the opposite effect. Structured fabrics and lace are ideal for shorter dress while chiffon is a good option for full length gowns.

The style of the dress is another thing to consider as not all bridesmaids have the same body type. Find a style that would complement different body types. Petite women would look good on a strappy dress in jersey fabric while a flowy, empire waist style would provide extra tummy coverage. Also, allow them to have the option to alter their dresses to a fit that would look good on them and would be comfortable for them to wear.

Choosing the perfect glacier bridesmaid dress can be easy and fun if the bride can coordinate with her bridesmaids. Threshing out the problem before the special day will make everyone happy and allow you to celebrate one of the most significant moments in your life without any stress.

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