Horizon Bridesmaid Dresses

A horizon bridesmaid dress color can be either dark purple or blue. Groomsmen can be dressed in either blue or dark purple to match a horizon bridesmaid dress. They are popular choices for weddings regardless of themes and venues. In fashion, the color horizon is trendy and looks good on any age, figure or skin tone.

The naturalistic shade of horizon blue is a perfect choice for outdoor or beach weddings. The color may be paired with tans, whites, creams and grays. Horizon blue is a sensational color that looks stunning and fabulous on everyone. [Continue reading..]

Bridesmaid Dress Style 1563

Style 1563

The dark purple shade of the horizon color is a mix of blue and red. Historically, this color was used to symbolize power, wealth, royalty, nobility, mystery and magic.

The dark purple hue goes well with a range of colors. It can be paired with whites and silvers, orange, brown, gold and green. Pastel hues similar in shade with dark purple are also good combinations including pale pinks and blues and lavender.

For summer weddings, dark and light blue and silver colors can be a part of the color palette. When trying to create a stunning contrast, brides may choose to have her bridesmaids in horizon dresses carry bouquets of pink roses or yellow calla lilies. These color choices provide a little deviation that is pleasant and different.

Deciding Between Short and Long Horizon Bridesmaid Dress

There is decision to make on the style, fabric, color and length. For many brides, deciding on the length of a dress can be a tough decision. Perhaps you want an outdoor wedding in July but you really love a long bridesmaid dress. Maybe you would prefer your bridesmaids to wear short, cocktail style dresses but they are not comfortable showing off their legs.

Traditionally, the length of a dress depended on the formality, venue and time of the wedding. It used to be that floor length gowns were the appropriate option for weddings and the idea for bridesmaids to wear knee length dresses was frowned upon.

Both styles have been used in weddings with each length has been given its own category. Long dresses were for formal and black tie weddings while informal and intimate events called for shorter lengths.

Overtime, the rules were relaxed and the decision on dress length was based primarily on the personal preference of the bride. Full length gowns are still viewed as elegant and chic while short styles are casual and fun. However, both dress lengths can be styled and accessorized to fit any wedding season and the real task is deciding which length is the right one for the horizon bridesmaid dresses.

The formality of your wedding should be one of the top considerations when choosing your bridesmaid dresses. It is expected that bridesmaids are covered up if the wedding will be held in a church. If the wedding is in the family’s garden or a beach, the knee length dresses will fit right in.

Another thing to consider is the weather and temperature of the month that you have set your wedding. There is nothing worse than your bridesmaids shivering in cold and rubbing their legs to keep them warm. Alternatively, you do not want also to see them sweating in their thick, long gown.

Any length would fit a horizon bridesmaid dress. When choosing a style, fabric and length, be guided by not just the overall outcome but also by the comfort of your bridesmaids.

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