Chiffon Bridesmaid Dresses

Chiffon has been considered as an affluent fabric for over 300 years. The popularity of this fabric began in 17th century Europe, and was used by the elite to showcase their wealth. There are several types of chiffon. First there is silk chiffon, a beautiful, luxurious sheer fabric with a delicate drape. Other distinguishing characteristics of silk chiffon include a shimmery and expanding appearance. The second type of chiffon fabric is made from polyester. Polyester chiffon differs from silk chiffon mainly in durability and availability such a greater range of stripes and patterns, plus different available fabric weights. Bridal wear is made using both silk and polyester chiffon, and both types of chiffon fabric are available in hundreds of different styles. [Continue reading..]

Bridesmaid Dress Style 1709

Style 1709

Our chiffon brides maid dresses are available in a variety of styles, colors, necklines, lengths, and silhouettes.

Chiffon Fabric A Brief History

Historically, chiffon was discovered in China and its use goes back to 3,000 B.C. Only silk chiffon was produced until the invention of nylon occurred in 1938. In the late 1950’s, polyester chiffon gained wide use due to its durability and lower cost over silk chiffon. Silk chiffon’s popularity as a fabric has been seen all over the world even in the Middle East where the fabric was worn by common women in the privacy of their homes. Today, chiffon bridal and brides maid dresses are among the most popular wedding dresses in the market place.

Silk Chiffon

Traditionally, silk chiffon was worn by the affluent and was used as a wealth signal by the elite. Today with manufacturing advancements this elegant fabric is used to make beautiful wedding dresses and evening gowns for a much broader audience. Bridal dresses made with silk chiffon should only be dry cleaned. The main reason for this is due to the soft fibers delicate nature which lose their primary shape if the fabric gets wet.

Polyester Chiffon

Polyester chiffon has greater use than silk chiffon in bridal wear and prom dresses, mainly due to its lower cost and easier care. Where cost and practicality are a concern, polyester chiffon offers an excellent alternative. However, bridal wear dress designers prefer to use silk chiffon. While, polyester chiffon has better durability over silk, it is more difficult to dye. Another added benefit of polyester is that it is washable, and the preferred care method is hand washing.

Specialty Chiffon

A relatively new type of specialty chiffon is textured, sequined, and even crushed, is available a large assortment of colors. This chiffon fabric which sometimes has a decorative accent that is woven into the fabric is commonly used in professional ice skating and dance costumes. In there parts of the world such as Austria and Germany, chiffon is used as a strong linen fabric whose smooth coat is used to manufacture underwear and shirts.

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