One Shoulder Neckline Bridesmaid Dresses

The one shoulder bridesmaid dress is a chic and versatile choice for brides looking for wedding wear with a twist. The style features an asymmetrical linear neckline, with one strap on one side of the bridesmaid dress and a strapless neckline on the opposite side. The one shoulder neckline creates a visual interest and provides the added support of a strap.

The one shoulder style has been a design staple for centuries, making a bold fashion statement of classiness, excitement and sensuality. The daring exposure of one shoulder or arm makes the one shoulder neckline a good alternative to a backless or low cut neckline design. [Continue reading..]

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Just like many other trends, the one shoulder neckline fluctuated in popularity. Yet it remained a favorite by many women over the years, appearing in formal events like proms, red carpet affairs and weddings

One Shoulder Neckline Dress History

The Grecian goddesses were known to wear a one shoulder dress. This style was part of the draping or transforming of clothing into a three dimensional form, with the design dating back as far as 3500 BC. The drape style started with the Mesopotamians and the Ancient Egyptians but was immortalized by the Greeks and the Ancient Romans who preferred the togas.

The comfort provided by the style was appealing to the Eastern Native Americans during the landing of the pilgrims on Plymouth Rock. The full skirted, one shoulder dress became a trend among celebrities and debutantes in the 1950’s. It was in the 1970’s when disco and the popularity of Studio 54 propelled the one shoulder style to its new level of status, with the dress experiencing a resurgence in demand.

Tips for Wearing One Shoulder Bridesmaid Dress

There are different ways to wear a one shoulder bridesmaid dress in order to flatter different body figures. To choose a flattering style, a bridesmaid should identify her body type.

Body types are classified as petite, busty, athletic, large framed and pear shape. A petite figure has a small body frame, about 63 inches or shorter. A busty figure has a large bust, soft shoulders, a wider back and a defined waist. An athletic type has broad shoulder and an inverted triangle or V shaped figure which means the top body is wider than the hips. Additionally, large framed women are typically at least 69 inches tall and have larger girth while the pear shaped body type is wider on the hips than the chest and shoulders.

Bridesmaids who are petite should avoid big details such as bows and ribbons on their one shoulder bridesmaid dress in order to avoid overwhelming their small frame. Petite bridesmaids should also end the hemline of their dresses just below the knee to add length to the legs. A drape style has the tendency to eliminate a body division, which would work against petite bridesmaids by making them appear shorter.

Busty bridesmaids should wear good quality supportive foundation garments. Additional support can be provided by fabric in the bodice and a thick sleeve or strap. Balance the body proportion with an A-line skirt or ruffles on the hemline of your one shoulder bridesmaid dress.

Meanwhile, the use of more material on top of a one shoulder bridesmaid dress would visually decrease the width and flatter a broad shoulder. A one long sleeve dress with pencil skirt will draw the eyes to the exposed shoulder and arms while minimizing width. Athletic figured bridesmaids can also choose to have one thick strap close to their necks and a full skirt to balance their body proportion.

For a pear shaped figure bridesmaid, the goal is to draw the attention to the upper half of her body away from her hips. Additional details to the neck and shoulder line will help add width to the area, like ruffles, spangles or a thin strap. Additionally, wearing a narrow skirt can shift the eyes toward the neckline.

Bridesmaids with a large body frame should choose a non-stretch fabric with a full length skirt. Avoid largely draped styles so as not to appear bulky but not too small either as it will make the body frame seem larger by comparison. The trick is to keep the details proportionate.

Accessorizing One Shoulder Bridesmaid Dresses

It is important to maintain the focus on the exposed arm when accessorizing the one shoulder bridesmaid dress. Wearing large jewelry or too much jewelry can overwhelm the one shoulder bridesmaid dress and minimize the impact of the signature feature of this ensemble.

Bridesmaids can also wear a pearl or spangle bracelet on the opposite arm of the sleeve or strap to balance the ensemble and to make sure that the focus will remain where it is intended.

Meanwhile, the hair and footwear should enhance the look without competing or overwhelming. For example, petite bridesmaids may wear their hair up to expose their neck and give them additional height and length. Wearing a pair of nude colored shoes can elongate the legs. They could also decide to match the shoes to the dress and stockings.

Large framed bridesmaids may choose to wear their hair loose to complement the length, but refrain from adding detail to it. A choker is a good option for pear shaped women to draw the attention upward of the one shoulder dress and reduce the appearance in the hip area.

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