Oasis Bridesmaid Dresses

Brides find oasis bridesmaid dresses flattering and pleasing to look at, often reminding them of a tropical vacation. The light shade of green in the oasis color has a calming appeal that goes well with any wedding palette. The oasis color was inspired by the lush green vegetation and flowing waters and evokes a feeling of comfort and contentment.

The crisp color of oasis can be paired with lighter colors like grey and beige to create a sophisticated wedding aesthetic. On the other hand, the oasis color can be contrasted with warm shades such as regency and fuchsia for an alternative look. [Continue reading..]

Flower Girl Dress Style 111501

Style 111501

Flower Girl Dress Style 116101

Style 116101

Flower Girl Dress Style 116501

Style 116501

Flower Girl Dress Style 121401

Style 121401

Flower Girl Dress Style 121801

Style 121801

Flower Girl Dress Style 126701

Style 126701

Flower Girl Dress Style 15401

Style 15401

Flower Girl Dress Style 33401

Style 33401

Oasis Bridesmaid Dress Silhouettes, Necklines, Waistlines and Fabrics

Before making a decision on the style for oasis bridesmaid dresses, it pays to have some knowledge on the varying options available in order to find the style that would be perfect for your bridesmaids.

When it comes to silhouettes, it would be easy if your bridesmaids have the same body type. However, that is not always the case so it is better to look for a silhouette that everyone in your bridal party would agree on.

The ball gown may come across as a gown from a fairy tale but this style would fit almost all body types. It has a fitted bodice and a waistline that flares out to a full skirt. An A line has also a fitted bodice that flares out to the ground with an unbroken line.

The mermaid style hugs the body from the chest down to the knee and then flares out to the hem. Similarly, the trumpet also fits the body from the chest but flares out from mid hip. Meanwhile, the tight fitting sheath contours the body and has a straight skirt without a waist.

Necklines can also make a remarkable difference to the overall look of an oasis bridesmaid dress. A scoop forms a U shaped neckline with different depths while a V neckline dips down into a V shape. A square neckline has straps that support a straight horizontal bodice while a sweetheart neckline resembles the top half of a heart.

As the name suggests, a one shoulder neckline features a single strap that runs across one shoulder only. Alternatively, an off shoulder style exposes the bridesmaid’s upper shoulder to highlight her collar bone and shoulders.

Oasis bridesmaid dresses with halter neckline features either narrow or wide straps that wrap around the back of the bridesmaid’s neck. A bateau or boat neck style follows the curve of a bridesmaid’s collarbone up to the very tip of her shoulders. Lastly, the strapless style can be straight across the neckline without curves, the neckline curving slightly up or down or the neckline forming curves like a half heart.

There are also different waistline options for oasis bridesmaid dresses. One of the more popular options is the natural waist and the dropped waist which features a waist line at the mid hip. The empire style features a waist line just below the bust while the princess waist is an A line silhouette featuring vertical seams at the front.

Oasis bridesmaid dresses can be made with different fabrics. Such choices include charmeuse which is lightweight, soft and semi lustrous, chiffon which is delicate, transparent and sheer and satin which is smooth and soft with a high sheen.

Similar to chiffon, an organza is crisp and sheer with a stiffer texture. Georgette is sheer and lightweight with a crepe surface while a Duchesse satin has a satin-like finish.

Whether your bridesmaids are straight and narrow, curvy and full figured or somewhere in between, there is always a style of oasis bridesmaid dress that will complement their shape.

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