Asymmetrical Silhouette Bridesmaid Dresses

The asymmetrical bridesmaid dress is a traditional and immutable choice for a wedding. Asymmetry in clothing relates to a deformity which makes for a high fashion statement without looking weird. Usually, the effect is created by the combination of a different cut, design and stitching techniques.

Asymmetry can be formed by stitching up pieces of cloth with different lengths and styles. The asymmetry is also achieved by some deftly cut lines at varying degrees at the hem, sleeves or neckline. Asymmetry can also occur in layers, gathers, shoulders, slits, embellishments or any design that follow no symmetric patterns. Asymmetrical bridesmaid dresses are made of luxurious fabrics like silk, taffeta, velvet, satin and chiffon. [Continue reading..]

Bridesmaid Dress Style 1203

Style 1203

Bridesmaid Dress Style 1178

Style 1178

Bridesmaid Dress Style 1134

Style 1134

Bridesmaid Dress Style 978

Style 978

Bridesmaid Dress Style 986

Style 986

Bridesmaid Dress Style 732

Style 732

Bridesmaid Dress Style 484

Style 484

Asymmetrical Bridesmaid Dress and Hemlines

The high-low asymmetrical hemline is a very fashion forward style and perfect for bridesmaids who want to show off their legs, shoes and those who cannot decide between a mini dress or a long gown. The floor length back of this design gives the feeling of complete elegance.

The diagonal hemline plunges diagonally from one side to another. This style is well suited to bridesmaids with petite body frame as the diagonal lines of the hem would help in adding some curves and volume. Women with heavy thighs must avoid wearing a diagonal cut skirt since it exposes the thighs as the style may make them appear heavier.

A handkerchief or jagged hemline features multiple soft layers that are of varying length falling in same points or in different points. The uneven hemline style of asymmetrical bridesmaid dresses look very feminine and sensual. The varying length hitting different points at the hemline looks quite flattering to the legs.

Sleeves and Necklines for Asymmetrical Bridesmaid Dresses

When it comes to shoulders in an asymmetrical bridesmaid dress, the asymmetry appears in only one shoulder. There is a lot of variety in one shoulder dresses. The main difference is the nature of the single shoulder itself. It tends to be either a strap, a fabric or a wide swathe of material and can be placed on either shoulder. One asymmetrical style may feature a totally bare shoulder while the other may be completely sleeved.

One advantage of an asymmetrical style is that it is more sensual rather than sexy. For women who want to hide their large busts, one shoulder tends to have a broad band of material covering the bust with cleavage rarely on display.

Similar to a strapless dress, the asymmetrical style is designed to show some skin as it requires baring one shoulder and the collarbone. It is a classy option and bridesmaids who have a large bust will appreciate the style since it will be modestly covered but still look sexy.

The two sleeves of a dress can also be of varying length or design. Some may be folded at the elbows with the help of buttons and bows. Another may feature frills or puffed sleeves while the other may be straight and full sleeved. Cap sleeves, puffed sleeves, drop shoulder, and many other sleeve styles can be considered for asymmetrical bridesmaid dresses.

Both the asymmetrical neckline and asymmetrical shoulder are inseparable. A sample of an asymmetrical neckline may be just a simple curve at one side and at the other it may feature a number of shapes and curves that bear no symmetrical shape. Asymmetrical necklines are a great way to accentuate the neck and shoulders.

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