Front Cutout Neckline Bridesmaid Dresses

A front cutout bridesmaid dress is a trend that allows bridesmaids to show some skin, but in a sophisticated way. A front cutout dress is a garment with linear cuts or geometric slices that are placed at the front of the dress. Cutout designs give a sculptural variation to the simplest of silhouettes. These designs are extremely flattering while the extra exposed skin adds a touch of allurement to the look. [Continue reading..]

Bridesmaid Dress Style 1178

Style 1178

A front cutout bridesmaid dress may show just a sliver of skin or it may give a whole lot of peek-a-boo on the décolletage. Front cutout dresses can be sweet or sultry depending on where the cutout is placed or how big it is.

Front Cutout Bridesmaid Dress Styles

The styles of front cutout dresses have different shapes and sizes, and they can also be placed in different parts of the body like both or just one of the shoulders, at the bust or the midriff.

Keyhole cutout is one of the most common front cutout styles. It is usually placed at the center of the décolletage or sometimes higher or lower. The keyhole cutout is one of the few designs that can combine full length sleeves, high neckline and still give a peek to the bust. This style is an ideal choice for a bridesmaid who wants to have maximum coverage in a sultry way.

An asymmetrical cutout on the other hand adds a touch of mystery to any dress. This eye catching cutout style is often found in one shoulder dresses or a dress with asymmetrical sleeves. By combining a little bit of mystery, asymmetrical cutout dresses give just the right amount of tease for a not so conservative bridesmaid.

This openwork detailing can be traced back as far as the 1930’s. In 1960’s, cutout is a design that was not just meant for the dress, it can also be seen as a pattern for the boots or shoes. Back then, everyone was trying to mimic the black and white creations of artist Bridget Riley, which motivated the designers to create big or small cutouts that were mainly made of black and white fabric.

Rudi Gernreich, a designer that became particularly famous in 1964, was one of the first designers to use cutouts in clothing. Gernreich’s cutout designs were a little different from other designers. Sometimes there were so many cutouts that the dress was only left with thin bits of fabric in between the holes. He was also one of the first designers to use vinyl and plastic on the cutout to create a see through effect. However, the vinyl was rather hot and uncomfortable to wear in those early stages before the fabric was perfected.

In the early 1960’s, cutouts were placed in the upper half of the dress with just one geometric cut, but the design evolved towards multiple cutouts across the chest, waist or hemline of an outfit, often using novelty shapes like flower cutouts. The early look was identified as discreet and stylish, while the latter was fun, bold and very youthful.

The classic cutout look of the 1960’s were sought after even by famous fashion designers today. Even celebrities these days have gracefully taken to revealing glimpses of skin through strategically placed cutouts instead of baring it all for the world to see.

Front cutout bridesmaid dresses are extremely flattering and can be literally worn by all types of body shapes. It is just a matter of where and how the cutouts are placed on the dress. Just keep in mind to wear accessories to a minimum so as not to take away the spotlight from the dress.

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