Natural Waist Silhouette Bridesmaid Dresses

Natural waist bridesmaid dresses are popular choices as they add a unique style to wedding wear. As the name suggests, the waistline of this dress falls at the natural waist. The natural waist bridesmaid dress is perfect for most body types particularly for women with a large bust.

A natural waist dress creates an hourglass figure by adding accents on the waistline similar to the skinny, gem encrusted belt that French actress Isabelle Huppert use for the Armani Prive designed gown she wore at the 2017 Oscars. [Continue reading..]

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One of the best things about choosing a natural waist bridesmaid dress is that you can quickly and easily adjust its look. Try a natural waist bridesmaid dress with a flowing long skirt to create a pleasing look or a skirt that will fit close to the body making you appear taller. The natural waist with a sweetheart neckline will enhance your bust. You can also achieve the opposite effect with a natural waist bridesmaid dress with an asymmetrical neckline to help hide more of a larger bust.

Body Types and Styles for Natural Waist Bridesmaid Dress

Bridesmaids with a large bust line, will prefer a natural waist bridesmaid dress with a fuller skirt and a floor length hemline. This choice add curves in the hips while defining the waist. You can also choose a shorter dress if you want to show off your legs. However, pick a hemline that is not too short to avoid a top heavy look.

Natural waist bridesmaid dress would look great for an hourglass body shape. Choose a dress with a V-neckline, open neckline or accentuated waist. This dress styles together with the natural waist silhouette would enhance your hourglass figure.

For women with small the pear body shape, a natural waist bridesmaid dress would emphasize your small waist by cinching it with a belt. Choose a full skirt style to help hide wider hips.

For a petite bridesmaid, choose a short natural waist bridesmaid dress or one with an asymmetrical hemline and V-neckline to help elongate a frame. Avoid floor length gowns because this style will engulf a small frame. You should also avoid natural waist bridesmaid dress with a belt for this will make you look shorter.

The slender or long lean body shape, will prefer a natural waist bridesmaid dress with an accentuated belt. This style will add more curves to your body while still showing off a slim figure.

Most people think their natural waist is the midpoint of their torso which is not true. The natural waist is the smallest point on the torso. If you have a high waist, your natural waist will be closer to your breast, skimming the bottom edge of the ribs. If you have a low waist, your natural waist will be closer to your hip, just above the navel.

To determine your natural waist, stand up straight, look in the mirror and see if it is visible. Some bridesmaids will  identify their natural waist immediately. For the bridesmaids who are still not sure, can take a measuring tape and draw it around yourself, pulling down and crosswise, stopping at the smallest point.

Whatever your shape, the most important decision starts with your waist. The waistline of your dress is important in defining how you look in the bridesmaid dress that you choose. This feature that can make all the difference between whether you look tall or short and slender or curvy. This is the reason why the natural waist bridesmaid dress is one of the best styles to choose as a bridesmaid dress.

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