Rose Bridesmaid Dresses

Rose bridesmaid dresses are classic and timeless alternative to light pink and peach tones. The association of rose color with love and romance is one of the reasons why the shade is a favorite at weddings and other occasions.

The best thing about the color rose is that its many different hues suit all wedding seasons. A winter or fall wedding can be a success with rose color featuring undertones of brown or gray. [Continue reading..]

Bridesmaid Dress Style 1258

Style 1258

As a tertiary color, rose is closely similar to red and magenta. Inspired by the rose flower, the color comes in many variations such as misty rose, tea rose, rose pink, dusty rose and rose quartz.

Each hue of the rose flower conveys a meaning different from each other. Red roses are always known for beauty and perfection while a pink rose is a classic symbol of elegance and grace and given to show admiration and appreciation.

The serene beauty of a white rose is perfect for marriages and new starts while enthusiasm, gratitude and passion are conveyed by orange roses.

The full color spectrum of rose became a buzz in the fashion world when designers Kate Spade and Tory Burch showed off their rose colored collections on the 2014 fall runway shows. The muted rose color was included by retailer Neiman Marcus on the list of its top 10 Fall Color Report.

The Various Styles of a Rose Bridesmaid Dress

The color rose is a shade darker than blush and with a little sophistication from the popular hue of light pink for fall weddings. The shade is an ideal alternative to peach and coral.

A romantic or bohemian wedding is the perfect occasion for a knee length lace bridesmaid dress. Add a silk sheath to the final look of a bridesmaid for a beachfront wedding while the shimmering drape of satin A-line gowns is ideal for formal events. The rose hue of pink and peaches in layers of silk and delicate tulle will give any wedding a youthful touch.

Accessories for Rose Bridesmaid Dresses

Lighter hues of rose will look amazing on almost all skin tones. The bridal look will not be complete without earrings. Blush and gold teardrop earrings or a pair with golden hearts will give an appearance of femininity and sweetness. Larger earrings are great especially when you decide to wear your hair up or let it fall down in waves.

If you have an accessory that you really want to wear, let this influence your finished look including your final hairstyle. You might try to style your hair in a way that is both flattering and easy to retouch. You should also consider the style of your dress when deciding on a hairstyle. Styling your hair in a bun makes sense if you are wearing a backless rose bridesmaid dress.

Furthermore, the type of a wedding will also influence your hairstyle. If the venue is in a ballroom or any formal places, a bun or French twist hairstyle would be appropriate. If the wedding is a casual one such as in a garden or beach, a loose hairstyle is recommended.

Whatever you choose to pair with your rose bridesmaid dress, the goal is to make you look the best version of yourself.

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