Sangria Bridesmaid Dresses

Consider the sangria bridesmaid dress if you are looking for a bridesmaid dress that is exceptional and flexible and as a bonus your bridesmaids will be able to wear the sangria bridesmaid dress on other occasions. The sangria color is a hue that is not seen often. The color sangria is a slightly dark, purplish red inspired by the Spanish wine with the same name. Sometimes the color can be described as burnt red. [Continue reading..]

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Style 991

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Sangria bridesmaid dresses are perfectly romantic and at the same time, sophisticated and pleasing to the eyes. The sangria color looks stunning when paired with warm colors such as yellows, pastels and oranges. The sangria color is the perfect palette for summer or spring or just about any wedding season or theme because of its deep red color.

Choosing the Perfect Sangria Bridesmaid Dress for Your Shape

When trying to look for the perfect bridesmaid dress, some bridesmaids get lucky and find the best fit right away. However, there some who have a difficult time finding a sangria bridesmaid dress that will perfectly fit them. But with a little research ahead of time and taking into account the wedding style, the weather, formality and your body type, finding the right sangria bridesmaid dress can become an easy process.

Typically, an apple shape body type, means a frame with a large chest, broad shoulders and a little extra weight on the midsection. Selecting a sangria bridesmaid dress that has long lines down the middle of your body will highlight the areas that are smaller. A high waistline like an empire or natural waist silhouette will give an elongated look.

Create the illusion of a curvy lower body by choosing a skirt for your sangria bridesmaid dress that flows away from your body to shift attention to your waist. An apple shaped body similar to actresses Drew Barrymore and Catherine Zeta-Jones looks great in a plain bodice with less details that fits tightly. This style will create a corset like effect that will add to the illusion of smaller top half.

Displaying your legs with a tea or knee length sangria bridesmaid dress creates an additional effect showing off your most slender body parts and hiding wider ones. Achieve a slender neckline with a deep V-neck style which attracts the eyes vertically.

If you are blessed with a tall frame but want to draw attention away from this look with your sangria bridesmaid dress, the trick is to avoid styles that create a lengthened look like the empire waist, the sheath or silhouettes with longer waistlines like the princess cut or dropped waist.

A sangria bridesmaid dress with sleeves will lessen the length of your upper body. The same effect can also be achieved with a cage or illusion neckline and a sheer organza draped to cover your shoulders when wearing a sleeveless sangria bridesmaid dress.

Moreover, you can also tone down your height if you use a belt for any waistline style that will define your natural waist and break up the flow of your sangria bridesmaid dress. You can either use flowers, ruche, lace, pull ups or any other embellishments on your skirt. Consider also a mermaid, trumpet or ballerina skirt to break up the look of your sangria bridesmaid dress and give the illusion of a minimized height.

Shorter bridesmaids should try a sangria bridesmaid dress that will create an extended look such as empires, sheaths, A lines and mermaids. Make your legs look longer with long slim skirts. Additionally, pick a waistline that elongates your torso like princess seaming, asymmetrical look and dropped waist.

Do away with sleeves as the sleeveless style is the ideal one for petite women. Choose a sangria bridesmaid dress that will show off your arms and with lower dropped neckline such as a V-neck, halter, a sweetheart neckline, asymmetric top or off the shoulder to elongate your small frame.

Furthermore, avoid too many details or decorations on the top half of your dress and instead, splurge on silk, lace and organza on the skirt. Keep in mind that anything that flows will maintain the vertical line of your dress.

Your aim should be to choose a sangria bridesmaid dress that will hide the areas or parts of your body that you do not like and accentuate the parts that you do. Blessed with a whistle bait waistline and fantastic legs? Choose the ballerina style to show them off. Want to hide your lower body? Then ball gowns will be your ideal choice.

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