Side Slit Silhouette Bridesmaid Dresses

The romantic and playful side slit bridesmaid dress is designed to impress the most discerning bridesmaid. Most bridesmaids prefer the classic style bridesmaid dress, while some bridesmaids are just looking for a dress with a sexy design to show themselves off.

Not only is this design figure flattering, but the side slit bridesmaid dress also shows just enough of your legs while still leaving plenty to the imagination. A side slit is the perfect dress detail for a bridesmaid who still wants the traditional floor length dress but wants to show off her legs. This is a modern wedding trend that looks like it comes straight from the runway and is great for all those fashion forward women out there. [Continue reading..]

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Style 7053

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Style 7019

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Style 1554

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Style 1203

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Style 1179

Tips for Wearing a Side Slit Bridesmaid Dress

Define your waist. Any dress that pulls in at your natural waist or lower adds drama to your already flattering dress. Choose a dress with a self-tie sash or a belt with beaded appliques in the center to draw the eyes inward.

Pick a visually captivating neckline. While the side slit bridesmaid dress has enough lengthening and slimming power on its own, you can still ramp that up even further by choosing a low cut neckline. The neckline effortlessly elongates your silhouette and is a great way to add a slightly sexier edge to your look. A side slit bridesmaid dress with a V-neckline will give an otherwise plain dress an air of elegance. Meanwhile, an asymmetrical illusion neckline can make your side slit bridesmaid dress look sensual and conservative at the same time.

Choose a lightweight fabric. What is the point of wearing a leg baring slit if it is in a heavy fabric that allows for little movement? That is why it is smart to choose a flowing, lightweight dress made from a fabric such as chiffon which will move effortlessly with your body and gently flow over your curves and legs.

Play with a subtle side slit. Not sure if a thigh high side slit is the right one for you? Then opt for the knee high side slit bridesmaid dress which will offer the sexiness of a high slit, but in a more conservative way. You do not need to have perfect legs to wear a side slit bridesmaid dress. The trick to wearing a side slit dress is to make sure you are showing off only what you wish to show off. All you really need to do is show a little skin that can make your outfit look sexy. Whether left or right side slit is up to you. Remember, no one knows your body better than you. So if you think that your right side looks better than your left side, or vice versa, then go for it.

Your shoes can make or break your style and there are few things worse than showing off your gorgeous, long legs with a side slit dress only to look down and see a clunky shoe sticking out. Choose shoes that would complement the color and style of your dress. Just do not forget to get a pedicure if you would be wearing a peep toe.

Wear some accessories that would complement the looks of your side slit dress and keep it sleek and simple. You would not want to steal the spotlight from your legs.

Achieve a style that will be the envy of everyone with a stunning side slit bridesmaid dresses combining modern trends with classic elegance for a look that is drop dead gorgeous. A side slit bridesmaid dress is not a frequently chosen type of gown, but that is one of the things that will make you stand out with this style.

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