Shell Pink Bridesmaid Dresses

The light shade of a shell pink bridesmaid dress will appeal to any bride who wants to have a delicate color palette as a wedding motif. The pale pink hue of this color has an undertone one shade lighter than peach.

The neutral shade of shell pink bridesmaid dresses is easy to match with other colors. You can pair it with pale green, navy blue, white or pewter. The choices are endless, which is why the versatility of the shell pink color is great choice for bridesmaid dresses. [Continue reading..]

Bridesmaid Dress Style 1128

Style 1128

Bridesmaid Dress Style 1134

Style 1134

Bridesmaid Dress Style 1147

Style 1147

Bridesmaid Dress Style 974

Style 974

Bridesmaid Dress Style 976

Style 976

Bridesmaid Dress Style 978

Style 978

Bridesmaid Dress Style 984

Style 984

Bridesmaid Dress Style 986

Style 986

Bridesmaid Dress Style 990

Style 990

Bridesmaid Dress Style 991

Style 991

Bridesmaid Dress Style 945

Style 945

Bridesmaid Dress Style 730

Style 730

Bridesmaid Dress Style 732

Style 732

Bridesmaid Dress Style 740

Style 740

Bridesmaid Dress Style 749

Style 749

Bridesmaid Dress Style 768

Style 768

Bridesmaid Dress Style 479

Style 479

Bridesmaid Dress Style 482

Style 482

Bridesmaid Dress Style 484

Style 484

Bridesmaid Dress Style 485

Style 485

Bridesmaid Dress Style 492

Style 492

Bridesmaid Dress Style 496

Style 496

Bridesmaid Dress Style 498

Style 498

Bridesmaid Dress Style 386

Style 386

Bridesmaid Dress Style 165

Style 165

Usually, a wedding color palette is chosen to coordinate with the bridesmaid dresses. The shell pink color gives the brides many options for wedding decor colors and ideas.

One of the popular combinations is cream and shell pink. Both pastel hues are easy to incorporate into any wedding decor anytime of the year. What is good about shell pink is that you can play up the shade to include other pink hues.

The different hues of pink would work perfectly with centerpieces. Incorporate the color into the candles and flower decor to create a romantic vibe. Brides may consider rose gold candlesticks and baby pink candles as alternative to the traditional flower arrangements.

The bride may choose to incorporate her personal style by customizing the table settings. Place cards can be customized to match the decor, color and theme of the wedding.

Silhouettes for Shell Pink Bridesmaid Dresses:

Shopping for wedding dresses can be fun but a bit overwhelming. As a bride, your goal is to look like the best version of yourself during your wedding day. The same goes with your bridal entourage, especially your bridesmaids. You can help them choose their shell pink bridesmaid dresses by understanding the different dress silhouettes and the styles that would work best for a certain body type.

The ball gown dress gives a feeling of being in a fairy tale with its fitted bodice and full skirt. A ball gown shell pink bridesmaid dress is ideal for almost all body types particularly pear shape as it will hide the lower body. This style may not look good on petites as the full skirt can be a bit overwhelming on a small body frame.

The A-line bridesmaid dress has fitted bodice up to the waist and then flairs out to the ground. The style resembles an uppercase A which is ideal for all body types. Meanwhile, the modified A-line style has a fitted bodice and hips which then gradually flares to the hem to form an A shape. Its difference with the traditional A-line is that the modified style fits closer to the body.

The mermaid shell pink bridesmaid dress is body fitting from the chest down and flares out near the knees. This style is perfect for slender and hourglass body types as it will show off their curves.

Ideal for all body types, the tea length shell pink bridesmaid dress has skirts that ends between the ankle and the knee. Meanwhile, the mini bridesmaid dress style features a skirt that ends above the knee. This style is flirty and sexy and allows bridesmaids to show off their legs.

Lastly, the sheath shell pink bridesmaid dresses have narrow shapes that flow down to the hem. This style will complement hourglass body shape and lean frames.

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