Slate Bridesmaid Dresses

If you want a versatile color for your wedding motif, look no further than the slate color. A slate bridesmaid dress comes in many natural variations that will make it easy to find other complementary colors.

The most common color variation of slate is medium dark gray with a tinge of blue. However, the slate color also varies to include gray, greenish gray, blue, dark red, tan, black and purplish gray. [Continue reading..]

Flower Girl Dress Style 111501

Style 111501

Flower Girl Dress Style 116101

Style 116101

Flower Girl Dress Style 116501

Style 116501

Flower Girl Dress Style 121401

Style 121401

Flower Girl Dress Style 121801

Style 121801

Flower Girl Dress Style 126701

Style 126701

Flower Girl Dress Style 15401

Style 15401

Flower Girl Dress Style 33401

Style 33401

Choosing the slate color for your bridesmaid dresses will make it easy for you to create a wedding theme as you will be provided with different color options. The many hues that can be derived from the slate color will give a unique and original look to your wedding.

Slate Bridesmaid Dress for Every Size and Shape

The good thing about choosing a slate bridesmaid dress is you will not have any problems picking a style despite the different body types of your bridesmaids. It is important for bridesmaids to feel beautiful in their slate dresses so they may require different styles to flatter or enhance their shapes. You can help your ladies look great in their slate bridesmaid dresses by knowing what dress style would look best on each body shape.

Strapless or tank slate bridesmaid dresses are the ideal choice for those with pear body shape. An A-line style will cinch the waist and cover the thighs and butts in a flattering way. Meanwhile, the tank or narrow straps will draw attention to the d├ęcolletage and accentuate the smaller area of the body. It will create a balance proportion to create an hourglass shape.

Bridesmaids with large bust will look good in one shoulder, crossover neckline or scoop neck. The necklines are classic and flattering and will not draw too much attention while the bridesmaids are strutting down the aisle in their slate bridesmaid dresses.

Tall bridesmaids will look gorgeous in a column strapless dress or streamline silhouette with subtle detail. A short dress is also a good choice for tall bridesmaids so you do not have to worry about ordering extra fabric lengths or the hem of the slate bridesmaid dress not being long enough.

V-neck, high neck or strapless slate bridesmaid dresses will flatter a petite frame. Choose a fabric or style that will not overpower the petite frame such as spaghetti strap, lace or mesh. A slate bridesmaid dress with V-neckline and narrow or spaghetti straps will elongate the body. Strapless will also look good on small shapes but avoid drop waist or seams that end at the knees as this will make petite bridesmaids look even shorter.

Emphasize and flatter a curvy body shape in a subtle and classy way with a strapped slate bridesmaid dress with ruching at the waist or a cap sleeve. A bridesmaid dress that does not cut off the body curves will create a classy hourglass shape.

Do you have bridesmaids built like actresses Cameron Diaz, Kate Hudson or Jennifer Aniston? Then pick a slate bridesmaid dress that has a ribbon, sash or strapless that cinched at the waist to create a defined waist and curves.

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