Victorian Lilac Bridesmaid Dresses

Did you know that Victorian lilac bridesmaid dresses are a favorite in many weddings? You can base your wedding around the light purple shade of a Victorian lilac bridesmaid dress. You can use silver or gray as an accent color for place cards with silver borders, purple numbers, flowers and gray overlays on the table. Your invitations can be white and ivory.

Choose the style for your Victorian lilac bridesmaid dresses before deciding on the colors to complement them. There is nothing to worry even if everything does not match perfect. [Continue reading..]

Bridesmaid Dress Style 991

Style 991

Bridesmaid Dress Style 730

Style 730

Bridesmaid Dress Style 732

Style 732

Bridesmaid Dress Style 740

Style 740

Bridesmaid Dress Style 749

Style 749

Bridesmaid Dress Style 768

Style 768

Bridesmaid Dress Style 479

Style 479

Bridesmaid Dress Style 484

Style 484

Bridesmaid Dress Style 485

Style 485

Bridesmaid Dress Style 492

Style 492

Bridesmaid Dress Style 496

Style 496

Bridesmaid Dress Style 498

Style 498

Bridesmaid Dress Style 386

Style 386

Victorian Lilac Bridesmaid Dresses for Different Body Figures

Although your bridesmaids won’t have the same body shape, the Victorian lilac bridesmaid dresses might be the perfect choice in that they are flattering and comfortable for every shape. Small framed or petite bridesmaids may have a flattering shape and subtle cleavage if they wear these dresses with sweetheart necklines. The strapless will create soft, feminine curves which will be the envy of everyone. If more bust support is required, try the halter Victorian lilac bridesmaid dress for a sweet and sensual look.

Large breasts can be a blessing and sometimes a curse when choosing a flattering and comfortable bridesmaid dress. A classic V-neckline will provide support and comfort to bridesmaids who have a large bust. The V-neckline will elongate the neck and torso to create a long and lean look. The style will give the bridesmaid the support she needs and the curves she will love without sacrificing her modesty.

Bridesmaids who are boxy will need a style that will help create a curvy shape. A belted Victorian lilac bridesmaid dress will be the best choice to create a defined shaped through the waist. Choose a style with a tie at the waist that can be pulled in to create a curvier and less boxy look.

Broad shouldered bridesmaids need a style that will narrow down their figure. Strapped options will help elongate the neck and draw attention inward toward the waist. Also, an A-line style will cover the shoulders and bring the focus on the bodice. Furthermore, a crisscross neckline will draw attention away from any upper broadness.

Bridesmaids with hourglass figures should embrace their curves, accentuate their bust and show off their trim waist with a belted Victorian lilac bridesmaid dress with sweetheart necklines. Bridesmaids may also consider strapless options or a one shoulder look. Almost any style will flatter and complement an hourglass figure.

V-neck is the most flattering neckline for any body shape. The V-neck elongates the neck and torso as well as emphasizes an oval face. It gives a slimmer look, hides broad shoulders, creates curves and supports a large bust.

Victorian Lilac Bridesmaid Dress for Pregnant Bridesmaids

For pregnant bridesmaids, a Victorian lilac bridesmaid dress with a high waistline is a great option. The high waistline style forms a slight V which would give a pregnant bridesmaid more room for her growing belly. A halter or a strapless dress is also an option because the waistline forms a slight V.

If extra top coverage is needed, consider a style with the bodice that falls on the natural waistline but has an option to be pulled up over the belly with wide straps for added support.

A chiffon would be a good choice for the Victorian lilac bridesmaid dress as the fabric is breathable, light and soft which will give the pregnant bridesmaid the comfort and cool that she deserves. Additionally, sweat stains will not show on the chiffon fabric.

A bridesmaid who is more than 6 months pregnant and will be wearing a knee length Victorian lilac bridesmaid dress should order a full length dress and have it hemmed up appropriately. Lastly, ordering a Victorian lilac bridesmaid dress two sizes bigger from a regular dress size would give the pregnant bridesmaid a good fit.

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