V-Neck Neckline Bridesmaid Dresses

Show off with  flair in an alluring V-neck bridesmaid dress. A V-neck dress has a plunging opening in the front neckline that is shaped like the letter V. The design of the dress looks extremely sexy and perfectly highlights your curves. The V cut area at the front allows for varying amount of cleavage to be displayed, which makes it a perfect choice for a daring bridesmaid.

This gorgeous design varies from plunging deep V-neck to a more subtle V-neck cut style. It is also used to combine with other different styles to create different effects like a V-neck that crossover into a halter neckline. This style gives an elegant display of the bust. This very stylish statement that allows a flirty peek of skin. [Continue reading..]

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The V-neck bridesmaid dress with spaghetti straps and open back looks elegant and sophisticated which makes it perfect for outdoor summer weddings. For a more formal wedding, opt for a V-neck bridesmaid dress with long sleeves.

History of the V-Neck Bridesmaid Dress

In the 1960’s, plunging necklines like V-neck, scoop neck and asymmetrical became more popular as the decade went on. These necklines were never out of place with the wide range of accessories frequently worn by the girls in the 1960’s.

There were lots of other fashion necklines made popular in the 1960’s. If you research for more dress styles, you will see that as the skirts got shorter, the necklines became more daring as well. You will even be surprised at the creativity of the looks during the decade, along with the neckline designs and their embellishments.

The V-neck style has become a popular trend over the decades and there seems to be no let up on its popularity. You can see the V-neckline influence in alot of women’s clothing, in blouses, gowns and even in office and school uniforms. The neckline style has even crossed over to men’s clothing, with many men’s shirts and tops sporting a V-neckline.

Lately, flaunting a cleavage has turned into a major style. Stylists say that wearing a plunging V-neck dress has its benefits, aside from showing skin.

Wearing a V-neck makes you appear taller and slimmer. When you show more of your neckline, it will elongate the appearance of your neck, which makes you appear taller. That same illusion of elongation also makes you look slimmer.

V-Neck Bridesmaid Dress Different Body Types

V-neck bridesmaid dresses are a very popular trend that is loved by bridesmaids nowadays. Aside from making you look sexy and feeling breezy, the style also tends to create a visually flattering effect on bridesmaids with different body types.

For bridesmaids with broad shoulders, the V-neck bridesmaid dress create an illusion of narrow shoulders .The vertical cut of the dress softens the shoulder area. It also helps in elongating thick torsos and short necks. However, bridesmaids with long and thin necks should be careful that the neckline style will not make their neck look even longer. For a petite bridesmaid, the elongating and vertical qualities of a V-neck gives a shorter person a more proportioned look. For bridesmaids with a small bust size, a plunging V-neck will not necessarily help in making the bust look bigger.

This style is particularly flattering to bridesmaids with large busts who want to show off their cleavage. To rock this style, opt for a wide V-neck bridesmaid dress. A plunging V-neck dress can be too revealing, while a very high V-neck style may make a large bust look saggy. For short waisted bridesmaids, a V-neck can offset the short length of the waist by drawing the eye upward.

When accessorizing a V-neck bridesmaid dress, pick a necklace with a pendant that is a contrasting shape like bead strands. A deep V-neck provides the perfect frame for a longer pendant necklace. Just make sure that the chain is not so long that the necklace gets lost in the cleavage.

A V-neck bridesmaid dress is a daring style that can make a bridesmaid look sexier and feel younger, if done right. However, if the garment is tight and bulges around the plunge, it will distort and ruin the effect. A deep V-neck bridesmaid dress may not be your style, but the classic V-neck bridesmaid dress is certainly a cut worth looking out for.

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