Bateau Bridesmaid Dresses

If you are looking for a more sophisticated cut with a unique style, the bateau bridesmaid dress is a perfect choice. The bateau neckline bridesmaid dress style is quite different from other plunging necklines, and offers some different aspects that bridesmaid will love.

A bateau neckline bridesmaid dress extends horizontally from one shoulder to the other, and typically follows the collarbone curve, creating a high neck silhouette. This classic style reveals just a hint of skin at the shoulder and can be found in perfect combination with all lengths of dresses. [Continue reading..]

Bridesmaid Dress Style 1407

Style 1407

Despite the modest look of a bateau neckline bridesmaid dress, there are some gowns that combine trendy designs to add excitement to the style while still offering the advantages of a bateau neckline.

The most common style of the bateau neckline bridesmaid dress is the illusion.  The illusion style can be combined into one of other necklines such as the sweetheart and V neck. This style looks very classy and beautiful. This style may be an A-line, sheath, two piece, high low or flowing bridesmaid dress with beaded bodice and chic lace, which is a perfect choice for almost any type of wedding.

The classic bateau bridesmaid dress will display the same depth in the front as in the back. Many modern dresses with the design elements of the bateau neckline in the front will have a much deeper cut in the back, providing added visual interest.  The most common styles are backless and V back. There are also other designs that have illusion back. With the bateau neckline bridesmaid dresses, back styles are almost endless.

History of Bateau Neckline Bridesmaid Dress

A bateau neckline, also called boat neck, is a type of neckline used in both men’s and women’s clothing. It was originally tailored for a naval sailor’s uniform designed with black and white stripes to help distinguish the sailors from the waves more easily when they fell overboard. Its wide neck style made it easy to change quickly since it slipped easily over the head. This is an advantage when it gets wet and needs to be changed in a hurry.

The bateau neckline is also featured in a variety of women’s tops. Blouses, sweaters and knit tops may all feature this type of design. Many dresses, including formal wear have the bateau neck style too. Many men’s knit shirts and sweaters also come in the bateau neckline styles. They are easy to slip on, comfortable to wear, and considered a flattering neckline for many.

During 1920’s, the bateau neckline is considered as a very unique style. The wide round opening made it possible for the dress to be slipped overhead, eliminating the need for buttons or hooks. The leisureliness of the bateau neckline and ease of use were right in line with everything else in the casual styles of the 20’s.

In dancewear, there is a popular style called the bateau neck leotard. Unlike the traditional style, the back of the leotard dips down to showcase the upper portion of the back. It is actually an interesting modern interpretation of the bateau neckline. People may also see bateau neckline with dropped backs in evening dresses.

With the bateau neckline bridesmaid dress you do not have to show loads of cleavage to look attractive. Both chic and flattering, the bateau neckline bridesmaid dress is an ideal cut for showing off defined collarbones.

The bateau neckline is ideal for bridesmaids in different sizes and heights, especially for bridesmaids with pear shaped body type. The bateau bridesmaid dress creates an hourglass effect by slimming the waist while exaggerating the shoulders. A bateau bridesmaid dress is also ideal for a bridesmaid with a slim neck and shoulders.

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