Back Tie Silhouette Bridesmaid Dresses

A back-tie bridesmaid dress is a sexy and alluring choice for weddings. Bridesmaids can choose to wear either a long gown or a knee-length back-tie dress. A back-tie dress can be appropriate for both formal and informal weddings. The design itself is a classic and will look good on either a floor-length dress, a knee-length or a dress that is slightly above the knee in length.

The Many Designs of a Back Tie Bridesmaid Dress

A tie back bridesmaid dress usually has simple details on the front. The focal point of the design would be on the back of the dress. The exquisite details on the back provide a twist to an otherwise simple-looking dress. [Continue reading..]

Bridesmaid Dress Style 1204

Style 1204

A romantic and classic bridesmaid dress design is a lace-up back tie gown. This type of dress features a voluminous skirt created by side swags. The ruching and lace-up back on the bodice of this dress creates a long and well-defined waist for a graceful silhouette. A lace-up back tie design for a knee-length or short dress will create a playful and sexy look.

Another sexy design is a crisscross back tie. This design would look great on a floor-length bridesmaid dress with a square-cut neckline and short sleeves. The thin cross tie design on the low-cut back would provide emphasis on the waist. A ruched bodice would flatter any waistline.

A bridesmaid dress with cross back and an a-line jewel neckline would look even attractive with a bow in the back.

A tie back halter is also a popular design for bridesmaid dresses. The bodice can be made of lace and accessorized with sparkling sequins to give a pop of sparkle on the total look.

Tips on Wearing Back Tie Bridesmaid Dresses

Back-tie bridesmaid dresses are great options for any wedding. There are some ideas to consider to make sure that the dress would look good on any bridesmaid.

The back-tie style requires that a bridesmaid would show some skin. The amount of the skin that can be glimpsed from this style would depend on the design. It is a must then to have a clear and glowing skin on the back.

Bridesmaids should start giving time and attention on their backs weeks before the wedding. Exfoliating the skin on the back is one way to remove dead cells and give the skin a glow and shine. Regularly applying lotion on the back would result to a smooth and soft skin that would look fantastic on a back-tie dress.

What cannot be fixed in time for the wedding can be remedied with concealers. A good concealer would do the trick of covering any imperfection.

A good bra is also another idea to have when planning to wear a back-tie dress. It would look edgy or inappropriate to allow the strap of the bra to show from the dress. This is usually a concern for many back-tie dress wearers. Going braless is not advisable as the shape would not be right to look at and the bridesmaid would not be comfortable.

Padded bras stitched in with the dress are the best option if wearing a strapped bra is out of the question. Silicon bras that can be stick on the breasts are also convenient options.

It is important for bridesmaids to find a dress that perfectly fits to their body types and should give their backs the perfect arch.

Lastly, a bridesmaid should tie her hair up or style it in such a way that it would give a better view of her back. There is no essence in wearing a back-tie bridesmaid dress if the design would just be covered by the hair.

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